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Right, if it does have a default value (which I didn't know, if I'd read long lists I'd start with the exiftool help page :-p) then clearly the photomatrix guys are to blame - I'd suggest the user in question replies to their "support" e-mail as such, suggesting to add the default fallback to their program. In reality of course, adding these to cr2hdr might be the realistic solution :-\

Hello, so what do you suggest me to do!?... is this a mistake of Photomatix?

Modules Development / PHOTOMATIX ISSUE
« on: May 28, 2014, 07:03:06 AM »
Finally I've got an answer from Photomatix for the issue of magenta cast, this is their email:

"appears that the issue comes from the fact that the DNG files produced by Magic Lantern are missing two DNG tags that Photomatix needs in order to be able to interpret the color information of the DNG data. The Magic Lantern people would need to make their firmware write these two tags before Photomatix Pro would be able to support those files.

These are the missing tags:

CFAPlaneColor tag 50710
CFALayout tag 50711

Once these two tags are added it may be that Photomatix Pro will be able to immediately handle the files, or we may need to take another look at that time to try and correct the reading once the information is available."

Could be possible to add that two tags!?

Thanks Audionut, yes on photoshop works, just wandered to know why it didnt work in photomatix... I emailed them, so let see what they answer

Do anyone could help me why I'm getting a huge magenta cast and low contrast when opening the dng dual iso in Photomatix?...  here are the files:

Original RAW:
Dual iso DNG:

Anyone knows if there is any way to process the dng in Photomatix without this problem?

Camera: 5D MK2
For dual iso I use the last version of cr2hdr-20bit.exe

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