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General Chat / Re: Applying for fiscal hosting
« on: December 18, 2020, 02:09:14 AM »
My wallet is on standby :)

Similar behavior here with 1920 50p 3x3 on 5D3123. I don't use SET, just the default zoom button (magnifier glass). Did you remap yours? I can get to 10x, but it freezes when I hit zoom again to return to normal view. If I try to sneak out of zoom mode by hitting Menu, I get a black screen when returning to Live View.

Thanks for rounding up all those changes!

Just did a quick check with crop_rec_4k.2018Jun27.5D3123. Now mlv_lite 14-bit uncompressed plays nice with both mlv_dump and mlrawviewer. I'll do a deeper check for other modes and sync soon.

If the plan is to retire mlv_rec, I won't keep asking about it. But you may want to just remove it now, or at least note that sound no longer works.

I checked some of the older builds, and seems mlv_rec sound has been broken since the very first mlv_lite + mlv_snd build. With February 2, recording with mlv_rec I get the message "audio failed to stop, state 0" after hitting stop and no WAV is created with either mlv_dump or mlrawviewer. With March 10, the last ErwinH version, I get the error message as well as an assert referring to mlv_snd_vsync.

With the g3gg0 builds, the errors stopped, though sound is still broken. If sacrificing mlv_rec is the only way to get mlv_snd integration with mlv_lite, I'm ok with that. Maybe a memorial is in order? (^^)

Not to get off topic, but just for a reference point, is the original mlv_rec + mlv_snd implementation used in the Nightly builds a solid sync lock? I'd always assumed it was, but never tested and haven't been using it for anything where a variance would have been critical. To further confirm, was this same implementation used in crop_rec on steroids up until 2018 February, when work on expanding mlv_snd support began?

I totally understand getting things streamlined, eventually unifying everything under mlv_lite when sound issues are ironed out, and happy to test as many builds as it takes. But as IDA_ML says, it's helpful to have a fallback to legacy mlv_rec + mlv_snd for when you need it.

Thanks for the update. Checked sound with crop_rec_4k.2018Jun23.5D3123:

Clips recorded with mlv_lite are now good. I've got WAV files for 14-bit uncompressed and 14-bit lossless via mlv_dump. Yay!

Clips recorded with mlv_rec (14-bit uncompressed) still don't create a WAV with either mlv_dump or mlrawviewer.

Clips recorded with mlv_lite (14-bit uncompressed) and previewed with mlrawviewer playback video but still don't create a WAV. Now that I think about it, I never tested the earlier mlv_lite + mlv_snd builds to see how mlrawviewer would handle sound. Is a break in compatibility expected?

With crop_rec_4k.2018Jun20.5D3123, though I've got mlv_snd enabled and turned on, and there are audio meters in the gui, I'm not getting audio recorded with clips. If I record with just mlv_lite loaded, I get a 30 second wav file of static regardless of clip length with mlv_dump. If mlv_rec is also loaded, any clips recorded with mlv_rec or mlv_lite don't generate wav files with mlv_dump or mlrawviewer.

I shoot 2880x1620 (about 7 seconds) or 2880x1206 (continuous) to get some really great looking HD final output. So 3 pixels become 2, like an Alexa.

With 3.5K centered 5x mode, because vertical resolution is capped at 1320, you hit this wall quickly if you need taller than 2.39:1 aspect ratio. Plus, you need FPS Override to bring the 30fps down to 23.976 or 24, which introduces more instability.

It's fun to use crop_rec on steroids to push the camera to its limits, both 3K and 3.5K open up fun experiments with some Ben-Hur super wide aspect ratios, but I think the 2x crop in 3K 1:1 mode is the most useful when you're doing (or at least trying to do) real work. :)

Maybe I missed it, but it doesn't seem like anyone has answered banertop's questions.

1) How to get more than 4 seconds at 3072x1728 in 3K 1:1 crop mode? The answer is indeed you cannot. The 3K 1:1 mode can only record at 14-bit lossless, so even if you set 12-bit lossless or 8-11, it's still going to be 14 lossless. That's a data rate of around 120MB/s! Staying with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the largest continuous resolution you can get in this mode is probably 2560x1440 (84.1MB/s).

2) In 3K 1:1 mode you don't need to use FPS Override if you want to shoot 23.976. That's only needed to come down from 30 in the 3.5K centered mode. Using FPS Override with Exact FPS is the cause of your black screen/dots non-functioning preview. Turn it off completely and enjoy the framing preview.

Hi all- Long-time forum reader, first time commenter.

Wanted to chime in that I also get the two dark pixel column bug. It's been present for me since I started experimenting with crop_rec on steroids back in 2017 June. I was about to summarize my observations and post when I saw it come up again in the thread. Thus far, I've only tested on 5D3 1.2.3.

I went through the thread and found a few other mentions, with some variations:

In my case, I've isolated it to a combination of using one of the lossless recording modes and having a horizontal resolution of exactly 1920 in some, but not all shooting modes. Shooting 14-bit lossless with 1920 pixels wide in 3x3 binned, regular old 1to1 cropped, and 50/60p gets me the two dark (but not black) pixel columns at the left edge. There is also a one pixel column of lighter pixels immediately adjacent. They change a little moving to 12 and 8-11 lossless; an additional slightly darkened area a few pixels wide also appears to the right of the dark bars. If I make the horizontal resolution slightly smaller, or in a crop mode slightly larger, the bug goes away. It does not appear to come up in 3.5K centered shooting mode. Changing vertical resolution or using speed hacks like Global Draw off do not have any effect.

Hope this helps. Let me know if I can provide more information.

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