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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
« on: June 20, 2018, 05:37:46 PM »
Since I had to dig a bit too much for my patience to find an up to date and or exhaustive guide for 700d raw video, this is mine.

Requirements: UHS I or better SD Card. I've a SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS II which is definitely overkill, gets me around 60mb/s.

Ten easy steps:
1. Get latest build from here and install as usual
2. Enable all modules and reboot.
3. Under Scripts, press Q on "enable SD overclocking" and enable "Autorun". You could do the same for any of the recording modes listed, if you plan to use only one in particular and wanna make sure it's always working properly. Reboot.
4. Set your exposure correctly (make sure ISO as low as possible, over 1000 you start artifacting a bit, shutter speed to 1/48 if shooting in 24 or double of any framerated needed, finetune it to exactly that through Movie - Image Fine-tuning - Shutter fine-tuning)
5. Set up MLVFS on Win/Mac, guide here :
6. If you get any pink dots, chroma smooth with 2x2.
7. Use Adobe Camera RAW to grade the image sequence, by importing it directly from the MLVFS virtual drive. I usually just hit "auto" on exposure and white balance, and select my lens from the profiles to remove any distortion / vignetting.
8. Render uncompressed avis or dnxhd movs in order to edit, directly from SD. It's faster for me this way, than copying files and then exporting, since it happens at the same time. You need to prerender - on a 250gb EVO SSD I can't edit smoothly in Premiere or After Effects without prerendering, maybe Final Cut handles image sequences better?
9. Edit your clip. Add grading. Upscale to 8k when rendering, YouTube allows for higher bitrate and better grain display. I use .mov dnxhr hq 8 bit in After Effects to render 8k. H.265 works fine as well, renders much slower in my experience, and I have a good upload speed so I afford uploading gigabytes.
10. Enjoy near 4k quality from your $500 camera lol.

A couple of examples: - clean footage. - heavily edited footage.

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