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By the way, even if it's calm on the forum, I wanted to let you guys know that there is an active bunch of filmmakers out there still using ML. . Videos pop every 3 days. So keep up the good work on coding :)
The project is huge! Congrats for the production value and all. Looks like it could be a feature. But on the black levels side. Did you export in Video levels or Full Data levels? I know there is a lift in the color palette but I wanted to make sure. It looks lifted because of the export in video levels.
Share Your Videos / Re: Prague moves // ML RAW
August 04, 2017, 09:47:37 PM
How do you back up you material during the shoot on the go?
Share Your Videos / Re: Prague moves // ML RAW
July 26, 2017, 03:27:31 AM
Great work, It's well edited and I'm impressed by the 10bit. You took how many days to shoot?
Micro shakes are killing the shots...
Great work, how did you backup your files on the go?
Can you direct me where I can download the update to record sound on the lastest build? I dont know how to work around bitbucket.
I basically want to record sound in regular 24p 1080p but I want the 50p 3x3 option from the latest update (I dont need sound for this option).

I just dont want to change cards each time I need sound.
There are still some micro shakes in the footage. What gimbal did you use? In the sky the highlights are clipped hard.
The sound was added afterwards. I can't wait to have the sound module in the next revision of ML. Even just for 23.976fps.
Thanks, I exposed for the highlights and brought back the shadows in post. The footage keeps a lot of info in the saturation in the shadows surprisingly.
Here is my first video using a Canon MkIII.

Crop module 50p 14bit compressed 3x3binning
A shoulder rig or any kind of stabilisation would greatly improve this footage.
I think saturation was a little over in some shots. To much is easy, getting a balance is the hardest thing to accomplish. Canon colors are often overboard.

For the tracking titles, it's missing some creativity. Go further with that idea. Maybe add comments, like you favorite place, why, etc. Play with the fonts. Just get your ideas pushed further on this title style. And I dont think the Afro Amerian title really brought anything to the video. It's kind of not funny.
Great work Mike,

Attention to detail in the expressions of your characters gave depth to your scenes. You also show a impressive example of what the 24-105 f4 can do.
Did you get continuous recording?