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Well done, did you notice any vertical stripes in 3200, 6400 iso?
Wow guys! RAWLite (compressed raw) with sound included in the MLV in the latest 5Dmk3 update! Congrats to all of you who made it possible. I will battle test the beast and send results.


BTW the proxy dosent work with that but I think it's better to make proxys straight from Resolve.

Thanks again coding team!
Where are the macro shots of gears and mecanical parts, wrenchs and tools? Hehe just kiding nice work. Did you find any stripes in your shadows?
Share Your Videos / Re: Music video from Romania
January 03, 2018, 08:28:19 PM
the signer/rapper looks a good casting for a bad ass bum in a drug / heist film. :)
Nice work on the synthesis of your subject. It's a gorgeous setting as well. All the 4k cameras can go to hell. Long live ML!!!
Share Your Photos / Re: Outer Space with the help of ML
December 02, 2017, 04:47:14 PM
I can't believe the shots you are pulling out of a T2i. Bravo, nice technique and hard work.
I used the latest 2017-10-16magiclantern-crop_rec_4k firmware in 14bit lossless at 23.976fps 50th/sec on Komputerbay 128gig cards. I would get some crash on audio recording from the canon UI every once in a while, but we made it thought the shoot.
Great to have some feedback on this issue. I know that I have a problematic exposure. I do think that in other shots where exposure is well to the right it would not be as apparent.

Here is the original MLV and a dark frame at 800iso.
2 files 1.4gig

Thank you so much for your support guys!
Hi guys,

First thank you so much for your hard work, I believe in ML community.
So here is my question, I am colour grading the short film that I made with the 5D mkIII.

This shot will be the example. Specs: 14bit lossless 1920x1080 23.976fps 800 iso 50th/sec. There seems to be a fix pattern on the footage. I tried a darkframe automation, Switch with all sorts of export configs and MLVFS. None of them gets rid of the pattern. When I apply the fix pattern it gives me a weird cross hatched image. Look on the door and you will see the issue.

Here is the original DNG:

Share Your Videos / Re: Teaser music video clip !
November 08, 2017, 05:35:21 PM
Do you some times see vertical stripes in your footage in the dark areas event when you treat it with a vertical strip fix? Because I have some in the dark areas when shooting in 14bit lossless and using MLDump of MLVFS to develop the footage. it's kind of anoying.
Share Your Videos / Re: Teaser music video clip !
November 08, 2017, 05:32:43 PM
Gorgeous, just don't touch it, leave it as is. Put it in a frame on the wall. Pour yourself a nice martini, and relax. Because it's a job well done my friend.
Great work on the tension and overall a great piece!
You should be able to notice weird specs on contrast edges and a white layer on the sheet of paper. That white is the highlight recovery but it's unusable. And it's not there in 14 bit lossless. There is just overall glitches on contrast edges.

After filming in 12bit and 10bit lossless and seeing artifacts pop up, I made a test with the different bit depth. I realised that 14bit lossless is the best setting in general. You save 51% space on your card with a bit rate of 42 mb/s to 90 mb/s and there is no artifacts or glitches.

The ML version used was: magiclantern-crop_rec_4k.2017Sep03.5D3113

The mic is a small Zoom H4N type of recorder. It was held by a boom under and to the right the camera field of view. It did show up in some parts of the video :(. But it was far better then my shotgun. The gimbal is motorised, and the 30mm is IS.
I looked closer and there are artifacts from the 12bit lossless. After comparing all the modes : 14, 12, 10bit, 14bit lossless, 12 bit lossless, 10 bit lossless. 12 bit scraps the highlight recovery in resolve and puts weird artefacts. So 14 bit lossless is the sweet spot. No compression artefacts or whighlight recovery problems.
Share Your Videos / Re: 5D3 ML RAW 12bit / Fashion #2
October 03, 2017, 04:51:33 PM
The location is kinda disturbing for a girl with scarf in luxury clothing. It feels like a statement of some kind.
It is 12bit lossless by the way. The noise is really pleasing. I didnt touch the luma grain but just for the sake of web compression I removed maybe 30% of chroma noise. But the uncompressed raw version is perfect with the original grain.
I was recording my cousin in a venue when a artist asked me to do a piece. We went on the street to do a one take.
Great story, really. Most of the emotions resides in non verbal usually. It's a good exemple.
Yes you get live view with good framin from the 3.5k crop mode. Take a look at this article:
In the on camera live view, you get this slow fps refresh and bad moire draft for framing only right?
Did you often use the dark frame technique to remove banding? And how did you deal with aliasing in the highlights?

Great work by the way.
This short will put you on the map. Seriously well done and creative!!!!!
I tested the latest proxy mode by loading the firmware: magiclantern-crop_rec_4k.2017Sep03.5D3113

Module loaded :

MLV Lite
MLV Sound
MLV Play

I had a sdhc card and a CF card inside the 5D mkIII.

The proxy file has a Timecode starting at 00:07:58:00
The proxy has sound embeded

The Raw file has a timecode starting at 00:00:00:00
The frames are only aligned at the beginning if I trim 32 black frames on the H.264 file. The raw file is also shorter of 14 frames at the end.

When I recorded different clips, they all seem to have different in and out. And it made it worst to add the pre-recording to two seconds.

My point is that it's propably useless to have proxys with MLV_Lite right now since there is no time code or a consistent way to get them in sync for post production. The best improvement would be to have a consistent timecode.