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Thanks, I tried that (via a simple copy/paste, is that what you meant?) - now after selecting the source folder, the app hangs with "reading data" showing for the MLV, and the 'Start' button is greyed out.

OMG, this is just what I need!! I'm a total noob in terms of photography/videography but like the technology and like being able to shoot continuously at higher resolution. However, I have been struggling with workflow - I tried a lot of the myriad tools for ML and ended up with switch and davinci resolve, which is WAAAAAy too complicated for me but I managed to make it spit out quicktime movies in the end, which is really all I need so I can string them together in imovie (I know, how amateur!). :D

Anyways, MLVtoMovie worked great, and is exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you so much! It worked flawlessly and quickly, but I do have a question:

When I was using the latest ML nightly (14 bit) everything was find, but when I used the 10/12 bit build, MLVtoMovie stopped working (switch/resolve still works on these files however). I'm assuming it's because I'm using the 10bit output (for higher continuous resolution on my T3I/600d)? Is it possible you can make it work for 10/12 bit output?

Thanks for the responses - I guess I got confused as to which was the later process - CR2HDR or MLP - I thought it was the latter, but using the CR2HDR app I can watch the output in MLRawviwer - still haven't managed to export to a quicktime .mov file tho.. I'll keep reading and ask a more specific question if I can't figure it out...!

hi all,

noob here - please forgive the lack of etiquette. I have ML on my camera and have shot some raw footage - lovely. Hats off to the devs. However, I am not a developer, nor a video workflow expert - I'm just a dude who wants to see what he filmed on the big screen of his computer, rather than on the teeny screen of his camera. I thought I had success with CR2HDR - which created .dng files without issue - it also apparently installed MLRawviewer, which seemed really cool, because I could view my MLV files! But then when I thought, hey, it would be cool to share this as a .mov for friends and family, I ended up down a rabbit hole - somehow I got to MLP and installed it and all the addons, but now when I right click an MLV file and choose MLP, it creates a tiff file and two dng's, then it deletes the dng's. no other output - nada.

What am I doing wrong, and is there an easy way to go from the MLV on my SD card to a .mov on my Mac?


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