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Raw Video / 6D bad pixels problem
« on: December 27, 2016, 11:50:36 AM »
Hello all of my MagicLantern friends :) I'm having a pain in the ass of a problem with my raw video on canon 6D. I'm having 2 bad pixels always in the same spot on every record. I'm using latest magic lantern nightly build. I tried mlrawviewer and mlvmystic . I converted videos to prores and to dng . I want to add that when I rendered it to prores with mlrawviewer one of pixels was violet and the other barely visible white but with mlvmystic the barely visible one is still the same but the violet one is white and flickers(is not in every frame). I want to add that I'm not a native english speaker so excuse my english. Is this problem solvable? I really wanted to use this feature but i cant have a bad pixel in every shot. :( Here you have screenshots and clips I've tried everything I could think of. If you need any more informations please ask. I'm using 50mm 1,8 stm Important thing is that when i enable the stripe correction the pixels disappear in the mlrawviewer but after rendering they are still there

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