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Any Progress

Any Progress ?

@syscall any Luck ?
@a1ex, Whats next after we have bootdisk enabled ?

@syscall so you are still able to boot into magic lantern recovery ??
Please Report wether you get this fixed and how because unlike you, The 1000D is my main Camera and i cant risk it bricking :P
Whats next after we have bootdisk enabled ?

Wait so Did anything above help ?
also what bricked it ? was it the fact that you set the bootdisk to a - value or the fact that you enabled it at all ?

Did Some Digging Try these

Re: How do disable Bootdisk flag on a 5D Mk III
« Reply #36 on: September 24, 2013, 04:12:57 PM »
Hi all.
First of all, Thank you all developer.

I'm thinking about this problem. And yesterday, I built magiclantern compiling system.
I modified latest source code, and made special autoexec.bin.
This modification is calling "Disalbebootdisk" at auto save toggle.
I was dumping address at before and after modification, call"Disablebootdisk"
I checked these dumping result. Offset+4 address from 0xF8000000 is changing from 0xFFFFFFFF
to 0x00000000. This is clearing boot flag. But, I found some different point at other address. woo... :'(
May be, some developer is thinking that this result is occerd a bad influence on camera function.

After disable boot flag, I updated canon firm V1.2.1.
At present, I can't find a problem.
System boot time become so fast. and Eye-fi card is enable.

config_autosave_toggle(void* priv)
#if 0
    config_flag_file_setting_save(CONFIG_AUTOSAVE_FLAG_FILE, !!config_autosave);
    config_autosave = !config_flag_file_setting_load(CONFIG_AUTOSAVE_FLAG_FILE);
    bmp_printf(FONT_LARGE, 50, 50, "disable flag start");
    call( "DisableBootDisk" );

    bmp_printf(FONT_LARGE, 50, 50, "disable flag end");

Good Luck also Source :

@syscall :'(
Have you checked ur battery, Sounds Stupid, but its been my battery many many times just try plugging your battery in for 20-30 mins and then try and boot up your camera
(Try without SD)

"Funktion" is German for Function (2 years of German finally paying off LOL)
unless i'm mistaken Canon is a Japanese company.... Not sure why German is being used here, Could be part of the issue ??

@Ant123 Where's that located ??

any ideas ? I found this on the web :)
" I finally figured out why my code did not work with autoboot before, one tweak should fix things:
in link.script, change:
first 0x800120 :
first 0x7F0000 :

Also, add this function to main.c:
void COPY() {
        int i;
        long *from = (long*) 0x800000;
        long *to   = (long*) 0x7F0000;
        for (i = 0; i < 0x100000; i++) {
                to = from;

and in entry.S modify it to look like this(I have bolded the one addition):
.org 0
.globl _start, start

        BL    COPY
        BL    my_LedBlueOn
        B      loc_FF810054

The problem was that before, the link script said to link the code to 0x800120, but the makefile linked it to 0x7F0000. This doesn't work because the code is actually loaded to 0x800000 by the bootloader. We first need to copy our code from 0x800000 to 0x7F0000 (a safe spot in memory, 0x800000 will be overwritten by the canon firmware during the boot process). Then our code will be executed from there.

OHhhh so the autoexec.bin file is if you already have ML installed,
The .fir file gotten from the assemble_fw file patches the script into the .fir file !!!

I am hoping to port ML, but at this point any custom firmware like chdk or ML works :)

Where does the autoexec.bin get its code from ? I think it already boots to autoexec.bin but cant tell because the autoexec.bin is encrypted .....

@Levas, Changed the Title as you suggested :)

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Compiling for 1000D/XS
« on: December 05, 2016, 06:39:29 PM »
@levas, Nice Work  :D, Ive Heard the 450D is almost the same as the 1000D so maybe we could either see if we can apply the code to our port or see if we could get one of the guys working on the 450D port to help us get ML running, We already have the FW exploited and booting custom code, we just need to port the ML GUI and stuff

Direct Link to VXWorks Repo

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Compiling for 1000D/XS
« on: December 03, 2016, 09:31:14 PM »
@Levas, No thats normal , its just saying its done now u need to run the assemble_fw File

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Compiling for 1000D/XS
« on: December 03, 2016, 09:16:53 PM »
@Syscall Im On Mountain Lion right now on my black 2007 macbook So Far So Good, May Upgrade to Maverick or Yosemite later on  ;D

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Compiling for 1000D/XS
« on: December 03, 2016, 09:07:43 PM »
@syscall about the script you made, Very similiar idea to one i had, heres a script that builds it, assembles it moves it over to the sd card, renames the sd card to EOS_DIGITAL, and then makes the card bootable, just by typing updateml in terminal :) Just Edit it to suit your needs and replace the directories where appropriate :) FOR OSX ONLY !!
Download here!MlZh1JzJ!M3hLfDDJ_zjI85QdNKyTUmdMnJri_EZJJmmrMmxe-KA

//PLACE THIS IN ~/.bash_profile

alias updateml="
sudo /usr/sbin/diskutil rename EOS_DEVELOP EOS_DIGITAL
cd /Users/masonpc/Desktop/ML/1000D_dev
sudo chmod 777 /Users/masonpc/Desktop/ML/1000D_dev/assemble_fw /Users/masonpc/Desktop/ML/1000D_dev/ /Users/masonpc/Desktop/ML/1000D_dev/makefile
sudo /Users/masonpc/Desktop/ML/1000D_dev/makefile
sudo /Users/masonpc/Desktop/ML/1000D_dev/assemble_fw
echo copying files to sdcard
sudo cp /Users/masonpc/Desktop/ML/1000D_dev/AUTOEXEC.BIN /Volumes/EOS_DIGITAL/
sudo cp /Users/masonpc/Desktop/ML/1000D_dev/1000d.fir /Volumes/EOS_DIGITAL/
sudo /Users/masonpc/Desktop/ML/1000D_dev/
echo Updated ML On SD Card"

//PLACE THIS IN ~/.bash_profile

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Compiling for 1000D/XS
« on: December 03, 2016, 09:01:30 PM »
@syscall I fixed the compiling errors by upgrading back to 1.0.7 firmware on my 1000D

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Compiling for 1000D/XS
« on: December 02, 2016, 06:41:47 PM »
Just a Note, Use Firmware Version 1.0.7 because anything Lower doesnt seem to work with anything that has been developed so far

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Compiling for 1000D/XS
« on: December 02, 2016, 02:03:00 PM »
@levas Like this ?
   while (1)
                LEDRED = LEDON;
                LEDRED = LEDOFF;

Also, Could help us, Who wants to set up a github project for our team ??

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Compiling for 1000D/XS
« on: December 02, 2016, 12:51:29 AM »
Im currently trying to port the 450D version to the 1000D....
And have gotten a solid blue light and a black screen (My Cameras Ok though :) )

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Compiling for 1000D/XS
« on: December 01, 2016, 07:44:12 PM »
So i've Read this post   
   "A. Bootloader starts up and checks card and boot settings
    B. It will find the Boot Flag set so it will check for a bootable card
    C. Once found it will load canon firmware and then ML's autoexec.bin"
and have a guess as to how this works
1. The 1000D.fir file contains the exploit and sets the Boot Flag which then looks for the autoexec.bin file Correct ?
2. The autoexec.bin file contains the script to make the blue light blink
3. And normaly there is a ML folder for all the ML menus and stuff, does this need to be custom made specifically for the Eos XS ? Or are all ML folders the same for all builds?

Mason Dulemba

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Compiling for 1000D/XS
« on: December 01, 2016, 07:02:00 PM »
@syscall That would be great, as i desperately need this for a class project..... Im a quick learner, i know a bit of everything when it comes to programming languages, C++, Java, JS, html, python, ive done some exploitation work for other platforms such as OS X and iOS, but from what im picking up as i go this seems a bit easier...

Just have a few Questions for You or anyone really....
1. How do i go about changing what is executed (iE: Currently the blinking lights script runs) but what file(s) control that,
Dont want to mess with any of the exploit work, because that seems to be working fine..
2. What all needs to be done scripting wise to tell it to hijack the canon Ui and boot ML ?

Thats it for now :)
Mason Dulemba

Duplicate Questions / Need ML for the 1000D
« on: December 01, 2016, 06:11:32 AM »
Ok so i'm a highschool student and am currently taking an advanced photography class for school, Currently the only DSLR i have is the Canon EOS XS aka the 1000D. Up to this point its been amazing and been able to do everything i needed to do... Well recently we needed to be able to Shoot at certain iSOs and Specific Framerates, which were beyond the capabilities of my XS, I dont have the cash to buy another camera thats supported by Magic Lantern... Is there anyway i can run even the smallest part of Magic Lantern on my XS ? Im willing to just about anything at this point.....
Mason Dulemba

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