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Raw Video / Re: Canon 100D RAW Workflow
« on: April 28, 2017, 08:49:46 PM »
Got it, thank you.

Raw Video / Re: Canon 100D RAW Workflow
« on: April 28, 2017, 06:44:37 PM »
Thank for your response :)

I have made the change you mentioned, however my size of the video stays smaller but the composition is at 1080p.

Hope this helps I placed a pic.



Raw Video / Re: Canon 100D RAW Workflow
« on: April 28, 2017, 02:26:40 PM »
Hi DeafEyeJedi

Thank you I used your workflow and it worked perfectly, unbelievable how easy it was and considering how I had been battling getting the rendering right in After Effects using the RAWtoMLviewer export, then to import into After Effects and have my frames not render correctly, and I did not even look at sound yet. This is by far the easiest workflow!

To date I have tried three options, the MLviewer/AE method, the MLVtoMovie app and your method which I'm quite happy with 8)

I just have a question on how would you recommend I upscale my footage in that same workflow, I have a 100D and I recorded at 1088 x 278 at 60.006FPS continuous, now the export to .mov works perfectly. BUt I guess I'm such a newb that I still don't know how to get this upscaled within the workflow. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks again.


Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 6D
« on: April 20, 2017, 06:58:06 PM »
Hi Guys

I hope this is the right place to post, I have a Canon 6D running 1.1.6 on the latest build of ML, however I have never seen the bit rate adjustment setting on my 6D in the video settings of ML. any ideas why not?

I say this because I have that option in my 100D.



Post-processing Workflow / Re: MLVToMovie: MLV file converter for Mac OS X
« on: November 01, 2016, 08:30:21 AM »

This software is amazing, I'm a newb here and I have been battling to get a proper workflow going.

My problems are mainly that I have a late 2011 Macbook Davinci Resolve does not work. I have yet to get a proper workflow going and I think it solved my problem.

My only question is I get green spots on my probably over exposed places on film, how is that stopped?

Great work done so far!!!!



Raw Video / Re: Canon 100D RAW Workflow
« on: October 11, 2016, 03:06:00 PM »
Thank you nik. I'll give it a go an check.

Raw Video / Re: Canon 100D RAW Workflow
« on: October 11, 2016, 09:22:13 AM »
Hi Guys

Newbie here, when I do try to record in RAW video using Magic Lantern it records for two seconds then "automatically stops recording".

I initial had the "hack error" on Canon firmware version 1.0.0 but upgraded to 1.0.1 and used the latest build of ML, this resolve the issue.

What I'm not sure of is if I am using the correct settings to record in RAW video, and how long the Canon 100d can record in RAW video for.

Any assistance will be appreciated. 8)

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