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An alternate battery was already bought and tested. same thing.
Hi guys, thank you for your replies so far!

Quote from: a1ex on September 04, 2016, 03:15:27 PMInteresting issue. Let's ask nikfreak to prepare a debug binary based on the dm-spy-experiments branch.
I have no idea what you just said :D

Quote from: a1ex on September 04, 2016, 03:15:27 PMblock the shutter button with gui_uilock(UILOCK_SHUTTER)
Sorry, I am a noob with this. Do I have to fiddle around in some code? I could not find anything in the menus.

Quote from: nikfreak on September 04, 2016, 05:02:20 PM
If your issue existed before ML than ML won't fix your issue. Also got 100D.100B and don't have your issue. So it's not software related. Your battery (pins / door or whatever) seems to have an issue. At least this is what google tells me when searching for your issue. I can ofc provide you with the special build a1ex asked for tomorrow.
I was hoping that ML runs its alternate code based on a correct basis that comes with it... One can dream :D
With software I rather meant "not hardware". Nothing to do with ML, just code. I guess...
On physical inspection, the pins, batteries (new) and door look good. Everything else is functional, except pressing the shutter button.
I check google, but I might have got country specific answers which were... useless.
Thanks for the build but as I am a noob, I will need a bit of instruction  :-\
(I am not a full noob regarding computers as I build my own computers, modified html, css etc. on my website and in general I am a fiddler. But I am new to ML, have no idea on what basis this works and so on. Just so you know :D Not great but better than average lol )

(might be worth putting this in a separate thread not to "spam" this one? )
Hi guys!
This might not be the correct thread (please transfer elsewhere if necessary), but I feel it might fit in here.
I have a problem with my 100D that might get resolved by you folks here.

The problem is as follows (without or without ML):
- As soon as I want to take a photo, the camera says "please change the battery pack" and I have to switch it off
- It also happens with the self timer (as soon as I press the shutter, not after the countdown), when touching the screen or with the audio trigger
- It happens with or without lens (AF/MF)
- Focusing works
- It does not occur when filming of viewing images
- It happens with two batteries and is always reproducible.

My understanding is that the is nothing wrong with the batteries (as I can film for "hours" with them), so it must be software related.
As there is no new firmware (that I know of) for the 100D, I can't update it and hope that that fixes it. So I tried magic lantern, hoping that that might fix it. Of course it does not.
My question is: Is there a way I could fiddle an original firmware that you guys extracted (I don't know how you do this amazing magic lantern stuff) on my camera? For example using the "uninstall" function after replacing the *.bin in the ML folder or so?
If it is of any help, ML firmware 100A does not work, but 100B does (and it is so far great when filming).

Warranty for the cam is gone and the only reply I get from Canon is "we can't give you a price, send it in and we will make an estimate (that i have to pay)".

Thank you for any suggestions!