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Not currently, but I might be able to figure it out. I've started to update the VxWorks codebase some weeks ago, alongside with DIGIC 6/7/8 models, but don't have anything worth showing yet.

Low priority project from my side; will post here whenever I'll have things to try.

Thanks from now. I'm waiting it impatiently : )

Is it possible to learn shutter actuations with magic lantern for 5d classic?

I'm using my 100d without ml because i want to wait stable version. But while i'm waiting i have a question;
Is dual iso working with current release? I'm waiting dual iso since i bought my 100d & i'm very impatient for this feature : )
Thanks for your comments from now.
With all my respect to all this community

btw: My English not well. Sorry about that.

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