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Ive been testing the latest build (April 03)for 5dIII123.
So far what i noticed there is no mlv snd module
or mlv_rec. Also there is no gray scale preview.

Why doesnt the latest package have the mlvrec 2.0 module .. its only has light. for 5d3123.

I am using the download from the link that reddeercity posted previously.
the build say 01-12-2017

* i notice now that there is a new date 01-14-2017 that i will have to try.

Iv been testing the  10-12 bit on the 550d (t2i)
I get good results on the 12 bit using mlv 2.0
on the 10 bit the top part of the frame is jittery or "repeating" as i see someother user posting

I want to try and test the t2i (550d) with 10bit - 12bit raw. If anybody has a link to  the module they could send me or the full ml download. that would be great.!
Thanks in advance!
One Love

Hey Danne,
Ive been away for a while just checking ad seeing this last post about acr... Looks awesome great work.
Im going to do some testing with those settings in dcraw.
If you need any help wth testing let me know.

Modules Development / Re: Full-resolution silent pictures
« on: August 01, 2016, 03:31:08 PM »
I ran into a issue recently with doing timelapse on ML using Silent pictures feature to MLV.
I specifically use this feature as to not wear out my shutter and it reduces flicker. Its brilliant!
I use the 5dmarkIII firmware 1.2.3 I set my exposure then run the intervolameter feature.
It seems there is a coding error w/1.2.3 running the latest build. because the exposure automatically changes and the images is over exposure.
by a lot! resulting in a unusuable image.

I downgraded the firmware to 1.1.3 and use the most current ml build. and i cnat reproduce the issue. which leads me to believe there is something up with that  ML build.
The reason i bring it up is sometimes i use an external recorder so i need the HDMI output that 1.2.3 offers.
 If this isnt your area of expertise if you could help me get this to the right hands thatll be great.


I think i maybe missing something im trying my hand at hdr. When i try to process giving this setup i dont get a final mov file. I get a prompt to delete or keep tif files. i hit delete. I see the process going create the tiffs. Then there is no move file after the process is finished. Am i mission something in my a_lut_hold or enfuse? I do believe enfuse is installed.
any help will do. thanks.

I came across this link where the guy upressed 1080 dng to 4k thats why i ask about up ressing.
I figured his process of using after effects to upressed you guys could do using chdr or repacking or some other step.
The file that you pointed to does the job but does it degraded the quality?does it create the MOV in 1080 then upres the MOV to 4k?dioes the  quality get degraded? Maybe only if you pixelpeep?

Ive been using ml raw for about a year now and i love the dynamic range that it gives me. I do alot of run and gun style shooting and picked up a sony a6300. I love the slog2 color and i want to match up color as best i can. MLP is the fastest workflow and most powerful that i have used to process my raw file.
Long story short ...
MLRAWviewer can convert to slog2. How can i use MLP or can that file be create in MLP with the other log files to convert my raw files to slog2 mov's?

Here is an example of a video i did with mixed footage from a6300 and 5dIII raw

Im curious if it would be possible to wirte a script to upscale the dng's to say 4k if possible?

Im new to mlp and i cant get ta pro res mov from dual iso dngs.
I keep getting a zero bytes mov.
I reinstalled MLP twice.
My non-dual iso files are processed fine.

BTW, Im using a MAC running yosemite
Camera a 5dIII
Im also running MLVFS

Any help in the direction would be great.

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