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Every link works as usual now. Thank you.

Thanks for your prompt reply.
I still can't get the link working. The URL shows
The web page shows "This page isn’t didn’t send any data.
Same on MBP or IMAC on Chrome.
However I just found out that it works on my iphone. Strange.
Thank you for looking into the matter.

The site was down yesterday but now up again.

However the download links are still not working. Can someone take a look pls. Thx

This video is adorable, in terms of shooting, grading, and storytelling, especially being done solo with multi cameras shooting simultaneously.

Shooting with ML Raw requires much more resources, longer processing time and complicated workflows. But when I sit down and am able to work the footages the way I want they look, it's totally worth it.

delete ~/Library/Services/MLVFS.workflow
Thx dmilligan. You saved my day. However, I would like to add that one must first show the hidden files in OSX in order to see this file path.

Can someone pls tell me how to remove/uninstall MLVFS from a Mac. Installed on a wrong machine. Thanks.

Raw Video / Re: Why memory reading not updated after shooting
« on: March 07, 2016, 12:22:18 AM »
Really appreciate the reply so now I know and can shoot in peace.

Just to compare notes: I can shoot at 1760x990 (16:9, 24p, audio off, GD on, zebra on) continuously for 29 mins on a 128gb 1066x Lexar card.

Raw Video / Why memory reading not updated after shooting
« on: March 04, 2016, 12:20:23 PM »
Every function of RAW video works with my 5D Mkii, no problem. However, after a recording is done, the memory reading (on top right of screen) is never updated unless I power cycle the camera.

I tried the latest as well as mid-2015 builts. Tried different cards, thorough formatting. Doesn't help. Did I miss anything?

Appreciate if someone can kindly enlighten me. Thanks

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