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Anything going on with rolling shutter? Any way on earth do decrease it and still get 24fps 3x1 anamorphic mode? Love the mode currently using the 4.2k 2:40 71% rolling shutter setting as it’s the least. Like 29ms the other settings are like 35ms kinda high. Anyway thanks love the setting just wondering. I asked in mlv app forum post if it’s possible to output prores raw. Just would love this tiny eos m with less rolling shutter and pro res raw. Could be the best little cinema camera to ever exist. Just dreaming out loud guys. Thanks for everything.

Can you output to prores raw? Would be kinda cool..

Rolling shutter.. somebody was talking about it a few messages my opinion that’s really the last hurdle for magic lantern. If we can reduce the rolling shutter in 5k frtp. That’s the grail.

Reverse Engineering / Re: LiveView Investigation
« on: March 01, 2023, 12:08:00 AM »
When will you post the ransom?  :P So we can get this going on eos m? Thanks for the hard work you always move things forward.

Reverse Engineering / Re: UHS-I / SD cards investigation
« on: October 14, 2021, 05:34:28 AM »
This card appears to accept 240 MHz overclock (tested on 700D by a user interacted with me on FB)

I ran a few benchmarks I’m getting like 56MB write speeds which is ok to get yellow running 5kfrtp so pretty happy way less drop outs than my 95mb extreme pro. Thank you. Sorry I’m so bad at using the forum. And I always use 10 bit I don’t use 12 or 14 because I don’t want to choke the card.

Reverse Engineering / Re: UHS-I / SD cards investigation
« on: October 14, 2021, 05:32:19 AM »
Sorry so vague. So I used this link

and put the module in my magic lantern folder. Replacing the existing one. Like I said somehow bricked my camera somehow fixed it. I really forget what I did or what it said it was like a week ago. I got some screen to come up. Loaded something Alex made to save cameras. It worked.

The card was the Sandisk extreme 120MB card

Reverse Engineering / Re: UHS-I / SD cards investigation
« on: October 04, 2021, 01:07:31 AM »
I bought that sd card that was pictured. I hope It helps. I get a lot of drop outs using 5k frtp. Be careful doing some of the stuff in this thread I somehow bricked my camera. Then I freaked out and was going to beg people to help me fix it. But then I found a thread on fixing bricked cameras and fixed mine myself somehow lol. Anyone getting 5k frtp to run reliably? Im on the eos m. Anyway thanks for your work. Oh also it did seem to work really well when I loaded the module. Before a bricked my cam. Thanks for your work:)

Thanks Walter. I knew there was something wrong. Might have to check into that 2nd gen.

Mines a 95MB tested in benchmark with a 30 second clip and getting 80MB read and write speeds. But crashes when I do anything over 57MB on 5k mode. Also I think the data rate is changing depending on the iso you choose correct? Wondering if the 170MB card will fix my problem.

I have one of the older extreme pro 95MB cards I tested it and it’s supposed to be getting around 80MB read and write but strangely seems to crash when using 5k mode at 60MB should I get one of those new extreme pro cards as well?

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k experiments for EOS M
« on: September 24, 2020, 06:22:15 PM »
Awesome! Thanks for the mattes Danne. Much better than the flicker😎

Never mind it must be some kind of computer problem. Really strange. I downloaded vlc and the garbage frames are gone. Seemed like it must have been QuickTimes fault. But strangely after I got vlc my QuickTime started working again. It’s like something in the vlc package fixed QuickTime.

I’ve been trying all the different options. I guess my problem is I have pink frames green frames trashed frames in 5k anamorphic mode. Doesn’t seem to happen in the new 1:1 mode. Don’t know if it’s the 5k mode doing it? Or mlv app? Or maybe it’s because I’m running dos dude patch on a 2011 Mac Pro and my little intel 3000 can’t handle anything above 1080p raw. Anyone else have problems in 5k?

Haven’t been keeping up with mlv app in a long time and there’s absolutely tons of settings. What’s everybody using? Amaze? Bilinear? Apple av foundation? Zeek probably has a recommendation I’m sure.. What seems to be fast export with good quality? Thanks

Oh sorry read it wrong :P

I think it’s on the first page ida

Love the live view so far. How’s it going with the black bar on the right? Not complaining I’ve been using a smaller 16x9 frame and it seems to fit without going into the black bar area. Anything that we can try regarding the 1x3 anamorphic mode? Did you get it unstreched?

Reverse Engineering / Re: LiveView Investigation
« on: September 08, 2020, 04:53:36 PM »
Thanks for your reply bilal can’t wait to test. Thanks for this. I’m sure everyone is very excited:)

Reverse Engineering / Re: LiveView Investigation
« on: September 02, 2020, 10:38:23 PM »
Anything working on eos m? I think this is what I’ve been dreaming about for like 2 years... it’s real live view in real time right? The choppy preview live view that shows the framing is all we have now. Or real live view with the wrong framing. If this is real live view with correct framing you’ll be the hero of all time:)

Maybe rephrase my question..Whats the highest resolution possible with 24fps and real time live view? Preferably without aliasing. Hence the 3x crop mode I thought it capped out at 1800x754 or something like that. I'm playing around with this 1080 hf mode. Looks like it's higher res. I'll keep testing. And Thanks Danne you the man.

still not possible to go above 1800 by 756 in crop mode with this new horse power? It's probably a limitation of crop mode right? Thats the best mode because we have real time live view...

Share Your Videos / Re: Showreel 100% ML RAW
« on: June 17, 2019, 04:31:06 AM »
nice nice

btw that voice over isn't actually bukowski its a guy reading bukowski forgot his name

thanks i found it. its called "Sea"

whats the song i love it

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