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Hardware and Accessories / Re: Compiled list of card speeds
« on: October 11, 2019, 08:45:27 PM »
Canon M
Current card SanDisk Extreme 80MB/s U-1 Class-10 64GB (SDHC card)

Looking to buy a new SDHC card and contacted Canon about getting a newer higher speed card for the camera. Canon customer service replied with, "Good luck, Bro!"  (Not the exact wording...)

So, my question is; for those using ML and the Canon M... has anybody had better results with a higher speed card, or should I just stick with the same card because it is dirt cheap to do so?

I skimmed the last page here and see someone in the above threads is using a 95MB/s U-II (I'm supposing that all these SDHC cards are backward compatible).

User Introduction / Re: Hello, I'm In Like Flint.
« on: February 23, 2016, 09:03:01 AM »
dave, is it you?
nope, so sorry, I'm not the Dave.


I addicted to the M camera. It had bad reviews online, but I have no regrets... I think what i like about the ML program and the vintage lenses is that it got me back into thinking about my camera shots and slowed me down to look for the shot.

This is a medium format lens that I am using. It's like I am toting around a bazooka.

F'n NICE!!!!!
I have a Canon M, so I will piggyback off your thread!!!

I'm using a vintage manual lens and Fotodiox ring adapter.

User Introduction / Hello, I'm In Like Flint.
« on: February 20, 2016, 06:49:25 PM »
I'm a noob to Magic Lantern and DSLRs...
Actually, I don't even have a DSLR, I have the Canon M mirroless and I ended up using Magic Lantern because I'm using vintage "obsolete" lenses I had from a Canon A-1 & A-E1 that were sitting around in my closet.

I'm hoping that I can sift through the information on this site to maximize the potential of my camera... I've already been making new discoveries about what my camera can do, which gets me excited about taking pictures.

Cameras I've owned/or still have:
Kodak Disk.
Kodak Instamatic X-15
Polaroid SX-70
Canon A1 & AE1
Hasselblad SWC
Lots of point & shoot cameras (Kodak & Canon)
(CHDK user)
Canon EOS-M
Kodak Brownie

Anyway, thanks for Magic Lantern and letting me lurk & post...

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