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I can confirm that:
Camera Name:   'Canon EOS 100D' = firmware B
Hi ZerdiiX

As dumb as it sounds, try like i wrote in a previous post:
try to flash 100A: flashing has failed
try to flash 100B: flashing has failed
try to flash 100A: flash is successfull, if not:
try to flash 100B: flash is successfull.

worked for me 2 times now.

I had to reformat my ML card.

FYI, at first i thought my 100D was a C model, because when i tried to install ML 100D-B it displays the "expecting 100D A model" or something like that, and when i tried 100D-A, also got the same error.

Then, YMMV, if you try to install 100-B again it installs ok.
So i think maybe:
the third install from any version works.
the second install (may have to be intercalated with the other version) from the right version works.

Anyway it is running smoothly, and gave a new breath to my 100D, that i was disappointed and trying to replace, because all those blurry photos and videos :(
Now i really thing it makes amazing videos (thanks focus peak)
Its only flaw now is not having an FF sensor... :)

And the amazing stuff for me are:
FPS override (only for amazing timelapses at this time?)
picture style profiles differ for stills or video (amazing)
focus peak in b/w liveview (the number one feature)
cropmarks (great)
ml digital ISO gets you 85, 170, 350, 700, 1400 (great)
rec stby with big red crossout (no more lost family scenes)
time and card space indicator
crop factor display (35mm equiv)
sound levels display

Why does FPS override disable sound even at 24 exact FPS? (is it only me?)

thanks again to the developers and ML community!
Hi Guys,

Sorry for my ignorance, but i dont have any raw video setting in my 100D.
Could someone tell if i must install any addon (module), and how?

Latest build is great, only issues are:
magic zoom with heavy flickering, not easy to use
menus sometimes start to get pixel artifacts (not sure what behaviour starts it)
menus keep active only about 5 secs, you must keep pressing some buttons, otherwise goes to liveview.

Thank you very much!

100D.100B Alpha_1c
Hi everybody,

Just a quick thanks to @nikfreak, for not giving up on ML for 100D

I love analog pics, but i gotta hand it to digital moving pictures! And what great cinematic wanna be home movies does 100D make, for such a tiny budget!