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There are few graded footages I get this weekend by Canon 70D... I love the results. Colour grading of ProRes 4:4:4 is so damn good and enjoyable. However I'm not able to use it in professional work. Limitations are simply not enough. 13 sec of continuous RAW footages in 1824x776/25FPS without sound - that's not enough. So I will probably sell my Canon gear and lenses and go for Sony a6300. I'm worry about photography (DSLR is DSLR) but hey... 4K with gamma logs and almost no moiré, 120FPS FullHD... 80D is not even close to this, new 5DIV is also disappointing for me. Canon simply force me to not like them=(

EDIT: Maybe 5DIII with ML would be option too, because of lenses...
General Help Q&A / Few questions about settings
October 18, 2015, 07:55:25 PM
I'm completely new in ML (on Canon 70D) and I already fall in love with it... however. I'm looking for few options:

- when I hit play button from live view, it starts play RAW videos, even when I want to look at last photo that I did after the RAW video (should be somewhere in settings I guess but I cannot find it)
- when I shoot pictures in live view mode, it write crop marks (16:9) automatically to RAW (it's not cropped actually, data are still here, but I need remove crop marks on that pictures in post-edit to get full 3:2 picture)
- after taking a picture mostly I need to check focus of picture so it means that I need hit play button, hit zoom (in ML under "Quick zoom" i set up "Full zoom on AF point") but it would be nice to have preview of picture already zoomed in on AF point. Is it possible somehow? (best would be: 2 sec zoomed in or out, then automatically 2 sec zoomed in or out and then off screen)
- in ML menu I have temperature data in RAW. I know that there is not transfer for Celsius yet, but can I show that data on live view screen?