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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 7D
October 05, 2015, 08:10:53 PM
Hi there,
I've got a 7D and would like to start using Magic Lantern on it. I've spent hours on the internet learning about this magical hack...
I do a lot of slow motion (action sports) and am wondering what the current capacities of the 7D are on the latest build (oct/1/2015) mainly for recording 60/50 fps? And does anyone know what is the max/best quality resolution it is possible to record continuous at 60/50p? (with the right type of cf card of course).
Thanks for your expertise!
Hello people,

I'm new to Magic Lantern, I mainly film action sports (like skiing and biking...) and therefore slow-motion at 60fps is something i use pretty often.
I've been spending hours on internet reading about this fabulous hack for the 5dm3 but i'm not certain of a few things concerning the continuous recording times and resolutions... Basically what i would of liked to know is:

a) what is the highest resolution capable of continuous recording at 60/50fps on the 5dm3?
b) is a SanDisk, 128go, 160mb/s, cf card a good choice?

Thanks for your time and replies!