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User Introduction / Hi from Spain
September 07, 2015, 11:58:25 AM
Hil Friends!!!

I´m new user of canon....and the first thing I´ve done is installing ML on my 6D

Previously I owned a Fuji X-T1...I really enjoyed that camera, but I think that with 6d and 16-35F4 I will have a better camera/lens for landscapes.

Hi Friends!

I´ve just bought a eos 6D with 16-35F4 and 85mm 1.8 (previosly owned a Fuji X-T1) as I enjoy most landscape photography and portraits.

Well, my first impressiones of the camera are very positive...the cons are the few AF points and....dinamic range a bit limited (though not bad).

I didn´t want to install ML...but finally I tried...

This is my first pic with that mode

DUal iso 200/1600

I still have to investigate more with dual iso...and other features like ETTR and more...impressive software

Piedra del Rey Moro - Toledo - España by Ivan Ferrero, en Flickr