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General Help Q&A / Re: Battery drain
« on: February 16, 2017, 10:52:53 PM »
Might work, but somebody has to reverse engineer it :D

First of all it's need to identify the RTC chip.
Where to find mainboard photos better than this?

General Help Q&A / Re: Battery drain
« on: February 16, 2017, 09:42:49 PM »
What about using the RTC chip for waking up the camera? Some chips have an alarm output signal, but I am not sure it's connected to cpu/mpu.

General Chat / Re: Eos M with Magic Lantern or Eos M3 without?
« on: February 04, 2017, 10:04:15 PM »
But currently CHDK still have no ML features implemented...

General Chat / Re: Eos M with Magic Lantern or Eos M3 without?
« on: February 04, 2017, 09:38:51 PM »
I bet you the M2 will get ported first!
Do you remember, where and when M2 was released?

is there still any possibility of a ML port to the M3?
The possibility is equal to the possibility of a ML port to Digic6-based Powershot cameras.  :)

Camera-specific Development / Re: EOS M5 - 80D in your "pocket"
« on: January 21, 2017, 07:34:01 PM »
There is no working port for M2, unlike M10
2 vs 1  :)

Camera-specific Development / Re: EOS M5 - 80D in your "pocket"
« on: January 21, 2017, 07:08:41 PM » -> under "Your camera is not listed?"
There should be writen: "most of Canon EOS M cameras (M3, M5, M10) are based on PowerShot firmware"  :)
There are two cameras with CHDK vs. one with ML.

EOS M5 internals - there is no ADTG chip

Camera-specific Development / Re: EOS M5 - 80D in your "pocket"
« on: January 21, 2017, 09:22:00 AM »
A few years later this mirrorless camera is the first to sport a Digic 7 processor

The first one was Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II.
Now we are sure EOS M5 is not EOS. It's one more PowerShot. So wellcome to CHDK forum...

Reverse Engineering / Re: ProcessTwoInTwoOutLosslessPath
« on: December 30, 2016, 02:04:21 PM »
List of cameras based on TI's DSP...

Reverse Engineering / Re: ProcessTwoInTwoOutLosslessPath
« on: December 28, 2016, 07:50:58 PM »
Definitely, that guy should know something  :)
Look at his patents...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but most people are using IDA Pro or GPL Tools/ARM console.
There is no another way to  make ML port.

Is it a global function that you just can call?

How do you determine the address (0xFFFF4140) anyway?
Just looked on the bootloader code.

Code: [Select]
ROM:FFFF29A4 04 E0 2D E5       STR             LR, [SP,#-4]!
ROM:FFFF29A8 80 D0 4D E2       SUB             SP, SP, #0x80
ROM:FFFF29AC 11 0F 8F E2       ADR             R0, aYouChoseTheWri ; "You chose the writing of a Volume Label"...
ROM:FFFF29B0 76 27 00 EB       BL              sub_FFFFC790
ROM:FFFF29B4 0D 10 A0 E1       MOV             R1, SP
ROM:FFFF29B8 1B 0F 8F E2       ADR             R0, aMayIWriteYN  ; "May I write(Y/N)? :"
ROM:FFFF29BC 80 20 A0 E3       MOV             R2, #0x80
ROM:FFFF29C0 41 00 00 EB       BL              sub_FFFF2ACC
ROM:FFFF29C4 00 00 DD E5       LDRB            R0, [SP]
ROM:FFFF29C8 79 00 50 E3       CMP             R0, #0x79 ; 'y'
ROM:FFFF29CC 00 00 DD 15       LDRNEB          R0, [SP]
ROM:FFFF29D0 59 00 50 13       CMPNE           R0, #0x59 ; 'Y'
ROM:FFFF29D4 05 00 00 1A       BNE             loc_FFFF29F0
ROM:FFFF29D8 00 00 A0 E3       MOV             R0, #0
ROM:FFFF29DC D7 05 00 EB       BL              sub_FFFF4140
ROM:FFFF29E0 16 3F 8F E2       ADR             R3, aWriteError_  ; "WRITE error.\n"
ROM:FFFF29E4 19 2F 8F E2       ADR             R2, aWriteDone_   ; "WRITE done.\n"
ROM:FFFF29E8 00 10 A0 E3       MOV             R1, #0
ROM:FFFF29EC 32 00 00 EB       BL              sub_FFFF2ABC

I have read that someone just skip it and make the SD card bootable manually.
On 450D write_card_bootflag() function works well.
I forgot to delete the comment.

You are strange people...
Printig bootloader memory values to log file instead making full ROM dump. Why?


The installer enables the boot flag from the bootloader context?

You also needed the address of the write and read functions.
I think 5DC installer is documented well enough.

Do I have to blink one address and then make a ROM dump?

Maybe because he doesn't want to blink the whole address range again for the canon 1000d?

I suspect that bootloader should be the same for different firmware versions.

But you can create your own dump using  dumpmemo() function

I want to make sure that it works stable, before posting it.

You should not reinvent the wheel. Use modified common installer for VxWorks cameras.

You can also easily modify it to repair you camera.

@Ant123 Where's that located ??
On your computer.
But first you need to modify and complie this code

I'm out of the game.

I just successfully bricked my camera.

I managed to enable and disable the boot flag a few times in row without any issues and then ...

I'm not able to set the boot flag each time I disable it. Sometime it works, sometime it does not.

Try to use modified 5DC installer. Maybe it will be more stable...

We're gonna use our 1000D as christmass decoration this year, hanging in a tree with blinking leds ;D
So you need to rename this topic again - and you will celebrate till 2018.  ;D

But this is not ML. Are you porting ML or something else?

Start simple :)

What I did was, in Coutts latest release

I don't know what is "Coutts latest release" for.
I was working only with VxWorks ML ports (40D and 5DC ) to get ML on 450D with minimum functionality .

Video is online, same link as previous post.
Now I see. But why you are playing with LEDs and don't modifying VxWorks branch. What is your final objective?

Btw, why is your flag set?
You got it already running?
My picture of 450D display test was made before BOOTFLAG was set.

Well looking at the image, I don't know what it is all about to be honest, especially what the BOOT value means, guess BOOT=-1 is wrong?
Read that topic from the begining to the end again.

If BOOTFLAG is set you will see "BOOT=-1" ( -1 == 0xFFFFFFFF)

Do you get picture like this using autoexec.bin, not *.FIR?

Btw, it looks like I got autoboot working too, at least when I change the AUTOEXEC.BIN I see that it is automatically executed.

Also after switching the camera off and on I see my code running, I also get into main Canon menu. So I guess the firmware just boot normally and the code runs in parallel.

I want to confirm hat as you said by using the display test.

I.e. you are sure that BOOTFLAG was successfully set and AUTOEXEC.BIN from there works?

on 450D this code works well.

Camera-specific Development / Re: Compiling for 1000D/XS
« on: December 05, 2016, 09:06:58 PM »
Which, as far as I know, isn't available for the 1000d ?
So is the first thing to do now, get a firmware dump ?
And how, can we write a program to make the 1000d do a firmware dump on the SD card.

Look it on CHDK forum. There is 1000D dump in their collection.

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