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Interesting comparison. Totally different clarity with 10-bit raw. Great night shots!
Yes, it works but not above 30fps. Even in 720p mode. That led me to believe that those resolutions mentioned were only theoretical.
Im using the 24 dec_crop rec-version.
Quote from: ShootMeAlready on December 10, 2016, 05:54:32 PM

3X Zoom Mode
2240x954 @2.35/60fps 108 frames, 1.5s
2048x872 @2.35/60fps 151 frames, 2.5s

Im still curious about this. None of my crop mode settings give me this on the 5D3. 1920 max.
Quote from: ShootMeAlready on December 10, 2016, 05:54:32 PM

For example my 70D which has same write speed as 6D (41 MB/s)

3X Zoom Mode
2240x954 @2.35/60fps 108 frames, 1.5s
2048x872 @2.35/60fps 151 frames, 2.5s
1920x818 @2.35/60fps 205 frames, 3.5s

How you get this resolution at 60 fps is puzzling to me..
Quote from: vstrglv on December 22, 2016, 09:36:57 PM
Yes it works! Thanks to dfort. Tested on 5D3.113, OK until now.
@vstrglv Care to share a test build? Still working with crop_rec and 10/12-bit?

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Quote from: Danne on December 19, 2016, 10:18:30 PM
How do you mean? Does the camera freeze when previewing with grayscale?

On the 6D normal canon preview freezes in a still frame. I doesnt freeze on greyscale, its scrambled grey as earlier when global draw is on. So, limited preview options.
6D: 10/12-bit with mlv_snd working in raw_rec and mlv_rec. Nice!

In cam preview with raw_twk working, but goes black when scrolling thru 3 clips or more.

Live view freezes on canon/ml greyscale without global draw preview, scrambled grey on ml greyscale w/global draw on.

latest @dfort build "magiclantern-raw_video_10bit_12bit.2016Dec18.6D116"
Quote from: kaco on November 08, 2016, 04:11:12 PM
So 672px is limit for continuos shooting or is it a hard limit? If that's maximum (regardless bitrate), then this is not so great and a true 1920x1080 (or 1920x818) in 37fps is much more interesting.
Yes, its a hard limit regardless of bitrate. And I agree 37fps full HD is more useful and interesting.

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@kaco I tried it yesterday, you can have 672 px max vertical resolution. So you can get something like 1600x672 in 50/60p unsqueezed footage. You have to change aspect ratio close to 1:1 to get max horizontal resolution
Beautiful work and color! I am amazed by the results you get @GutterPump. Very inspiring!

In regards to the vertical stripes issue, I would help of to test any build with a fix of the stripes issue @a1ex.
Seems very beneficial to me, and would make h264 crop mode recording even more useful.
Looks really good! Very filmic.
August 06, 2016, 11:56:11 PM

I took my camera on holiday, and shot some video. It mostly from Narvik, but also some clips from Abisko, Sweden. Narvik is a norwegian industrial town in a scenic landscape. Hope you enjoy it!

Shot on Canon 6D - Mostly 1600 x 680, 1920 x 818.
Canon 35mm f2, Mlrawviewer.
Looks great! Lovely color and motifs.
Mind to share what lenses used and choice of post-processing route?
Great inspiration! Seems to work really well with the wide lens, and a f-stop around 5.6 or 8 (?). Little need to change focus. Do u use the greyscale preview mostly?
Bet your clients will be satisfied with this 4K ;)
Thanks for helping out, you do a great job with this app, @Danne. Even for this very specific need :) ill come back with more findings, and maybe some travelogue summer vids!
Excited to try out, the denoise function! Will test it soon.

It checked the scaling again. When using scale=1600:-1, it scales the picture to 1600x1133 i. e 16:9. With different resolutions it does keep the fixed width, but scales any aspect ratio to 16:9.

If i plot the same resolution as the clip scale=1600:680, its okey for that clip. But not several clips with different resolutions. Workaround is to only process clips with same resolution, I guess.The clips used were: 1600x680 and 1280x582:

Link to MLVs:

Quote from: Danne on June 28, 2016, 05:01:04 PM
Cool stuff. HDR is great working with.
How are you using the scale MLV_RAW_MOV_dng_scale.txt file? I just tested changing to 2500k in by replacing scale=1920:-1, with scale=2500:-1, and it worked over here.
Thanks! I agree.
I plotted in the same resolution as the DNGs 1600x680 and it worked great with non-HDR footage. (Otherwise movs streched vertically).

But with the enfuse process the same scaling didnt work. (Thou the original resolution was different, and I kept the 1600x680 scaling ). Need to check again.

Edit: due to different res, not hdr-process
Ok, so I did a test.. Ended up making a custom LUT to match the DNGs in a ARRI Log-C timeline in DR12.5. Ungraded prores 444 to the left, slightly graded to the right.
The last clip is a HDR clip with the enfuse_correct_fps.txt setting. I couldnt get the scaling to work with the HDR workflow, not a big deal though.. Its low res 6D, but the colors are still great.

Thanks, Danne!
Ill try to get some results with this. Im interested in using this with color space transfrom latest resolve update.
So can I change the settings in MLV_RAW_dng_dcraw_any_command.txt to +M -H 2 -g  -4 -W -q 3 or do I have to change this in another file?
Noise reduction sounds intersting!
One question, is the prores files produced from DNGs In MLP in linear color space by default?
Looks great! Beautiful colors! Just curious, what do you mean by cinelog color luts? DR 12.5 workflow working alright?

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Ok, so I tried the enfuse-workflow with the newest version. And it works really well. On my 6D I would prefer working with HDR h264 over RAW any day. The only drawback is the rendering time, on my 2012 macbook pro, rendering 30sek HDR took like 25min.

here is an example:

I was thinking if its possible to have some kind of proxy workflow.
Is the tblend average option faster?
Share Your Videos / ML RAW "Printing with water"
June 21, 2016, 09:11:48 PM

Would like to share my latest work.
Filmed with 5d mark iii and 24-70mm and Helios 44-2 58mm. The video is quite long, and made for screening in an art gallery. It's also in norwegian. I used the new crop mode module and there is also some h264 crop mode in there. Dont think the stripes issue is very apparent in the end.
I should definitely try it. Ill see what I am able to come up with in the coming weeks!
Wow, this looks suprisingly good! None of the ghosting and jittering from my own tests a little while ago. Good job  :)