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Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: MLVProducer
May 16, 2016, 07:08:19 PM
just stopping by to tell you: good work sir! keep it up!

Cheers, Jan

ps: saving settings would be nice ;)
Quote from: Danne on May 17, 2015, 01:51:26 PM
Mlrawviewer compresses the dng files. Does it show? Said to be lossless. Could you upload the sample files?
Samplefiles are downloadable in post above

@dmilligan: yeah sure there is some change or lets call it "import" into  a xyz-colorspace.
it seems there is some misinterpretation or at least some problem with the metadata embed into the 16bit dng's.
Or lets not call it problem, but if there is a brightness-shift this strong just on 16bit. It seems to be wrong.

Just wanted to tell chmee what I've found ;)
Quote from: Danne on May 16, 2015, 04:43:59 PM
It,s a pretty interesting comparison. How is mlrawviewer lossless compression working in these examples? Check the sky next to the flower.
actualy there is no sky, its blue paper.

What you mean by lostless? dng export is always lostless in my point of view.
The Bottom pictures are all mlrawviewer. Just copy pasted them for comparison.

Quote from: glubber on May 16, 2015, 03:34:13 PM
In the end everything you see on your monitor is an interpretation of the sensor-data depending on your software (debayering).

I recommend reading the cinelog thread of Andy600. He gives a good insight of colorspace and the whole sience behind it.

I know how this works, but when you debayer dng's, in my opinion they should be all the same before I start grading.
Also cinelog is not embed into rawfiles. Its just kind of a LUT for makeing h264 files more flat to make grading easier.
This should only affect proxy files, like mov clips.

So if there is no colorspace changes while debayering, all pictures should look the same.
This comparison is a study about the debayering process itself, to ensure there is no lost or adding of information.

Quote from: theartofweb on May 16, 2015, 01:12:44 PM
Why not just regular 16-bit no smoothing? It works great.
Why no smooting? Because reducing noise on this level improves imagequality before adding Luts.

Aaaand like you see there is no difference between smooth files and not smoothed.
16bit (not maximised) is kinda dark, with smoothing and without.


mlrawviewer looks pretty much the same as I remember the scene looked like. (color & brightness)
actualy I did some new comparison between your conversion
in different modes, mlRawViewer and mlv_mystic.
Because I trie to find the mlv -> cDNG conversion wich "does" quite nothing to my material.
dunno if this is stupid, but I want completly untouched files when I start to edit.

I'm just wondering how different colors can exist.
Maybe I understand that whole mlv thing wrong,
but in my understanding it is just a container in wich some dng's are waiting to be let free :D

dng files will be here for download in some minutes.

hey chmee,

I just did some raw-shooting. (mlv with sound turned off to be correct)
and when starting to convert, I realized there is some kind of brigtness-shift between 12bit(maximized) and 16bit(maximized)
on raw2cDNG 1.7.4.

Is this intended?




Cheerio, Jan
So Chmee,
I'm back home and ready to talk about some "Lut-in-baking" on cDNG ;)
Still no Skype? (or was it just because of you, not beeing home)

Cheers, Jan

ps: if no skype, what about fb?
hey chmee,
Hab keine Messenger aufm dem Handy^^
Hey chmee,

I was wondering if there is an easy way of adding some grade/LUT to the Program.
As I'm filming most of my stuff on a 5Dmk2 and purchased VisionLOG's Osiris a while ago.

At the Moment I have to batch convert all of those beautiful cDNG's your Programm provides,
in ACR with "VisonLOG" straight to TIF. (while doing this, I loose raw benefits in Resolve)

Maybe we can find a better workflow, beside using BMD Film LUT's.
Feel free to add me on Skype, wir sprechen ja die gleiche Sprache ;)

Cheers, Jan

ps: I just realized, that I follow ML raw for like 2 years now, and didn't have a account yet...