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Modules Development / Re: MLV Lite
December 02, 2017, 12:08:52 PM
I came here, because someone was posting on the 4k branch :D
So still no sound for resolutions higer than HD ?
Post-processing Workflow / Re: fastcinemadng
December 02, 2017, 11:56:17 AM

I've been playing around with this. again.
And sorry to say, but I dont get it. All of this is available in Resolve or in ACR as well.
To me it feels kinda bulky to import and export files.

I don't want to spread heate, just saying, I dont get it :D
Initianly I was following this Thread for your mlv inApp support.

Anyways, I', still looking for a descent way to handle mlv/4kraw without debayering to 1238234 dng files ;)

keep it up, Jan
Post-processing Workflow / Re: fastcinemadng
July 09, 2017, 11:22:54 PM
any news?
Quote from: etienne on June 05, 2017, 02:59:38 PM
+1 for the sound also i currently have a work around which is really cumbersome but that works with Full HD defintion.

I activate proxy record
i choose the SD card in ML menu as the prefered card for writing.
In canon menu I set the IPB as codec (all-i gives me more crashes but this is probably due to a weak SD card). SD mode 640 does works aswell.
In the End you get 2 files : 1 proxy video with sound on SD and 1 Mute MLV on CF.

The problem with this techniques is that the 2 files does not start in SYNC (h264 always start first) so you need to resync you audio with the MLV and run an export of the audio to match the MLV sequence.
It's like a clap sync without the clap but as heavy to deal with though. The benefits i that you get a proxy file you can start working with and find a little hand to do the dirty work of exporting matching audio.

The problem is that it does not work with 3K Mode as there is no preview to make image match

So if getting sound into the MLV is still hard to manage maybe enabling any kind of poor preview to the 3k mode would help to do the trick in meanwhile. or even better a way to have the proxy start in sync with the MLV

yeah nice idea. but this realy "sounds" (haha) like too much work.
getting a clap with timecode and external recorder will make it a lot easier. (even though it is more expensive)

looking forward to any solution wich brings sound to 3k
Na wenn das so ist, dann schreib ich mal in meiner Muttersprache :D
Also G3gg0 wie erstell ich ne pullrequest damit Alex gl├╝cklich wird?

Meinste wave als "proy" auf die SD zu schreiben hat Potential?
Quote from: a1ex on June 03, 2017, 05:33:47 PM
Understandable, but I also have good reasons to believe the ~5000 downloads of this build were not done by you alone :)

please help me to understand your sarcasm, as I'm not a native speaker ;)
haha yeah. But when I say "I thought of" it literaly means "I thought of"
I have zero progamming skills beside html and css :D :D :D
Hey there.
I know you have plenty to do sir, but do you think it could be possible to throw in a very experimental sound build?
Don't care if it will be bulky to use. I have a projekt where its impossible to use a clap every time ;(

I thought about something like proxxy wave files on SD card.

sorry to annoy you again @A1ex  :P
Post-processing Workflow / Re: fastcinemadng
June 03, 2017, 02:14:41 PM
Quote from: megapolis on June 02, 2017, 12:03:35 PM
Could you please share a link to "new" 4k raw?
At the moment we support DNG/CinemaDNG only. MLV support is expected soon.

Ah ok. I thought you'd allready support it. nvm. I'll wait :D
Post-processing Workflow / Re: fastcinemadng
June 01, 2017, 11:10:51 PM
hey Im not home yet, but is the software suporting the "new" 4k raw?
(there where some changes on mlv_dump made to fix linedropping)

looking forward to give it a try! soundds great so far
Quote from: extremelypoorfilmaker on May 03, 2017, 06:24:28 PM
just following :)

still waiting for the day Alex will explode because of people asking dump questions, same questions again and again or both compared into 1...

;D :) ;)

ps: not yours.
Quote from: goldenchild9to5 on May 02, 2017, 05:24:12 AM
@jankrueck Great job footage looks awesome.. You also captured great dynamic range, windows are well exposed & still having enough dynamic range for the interior superb.

thanks!  my maingoal was to test around with DR, detail and cameramoving, as most of the test I saw where handheld or tripod landscape.
the Dynamic Range is just insane. Its out of Camera. Didnt lift shadows or saved highlights at all.

kinda offtopic. just wanted to show some testfootage.
just wanted to thank Alex and team for their work!

Can't wait for final release and having sound recorded. keep it up!

3k 1:1 | 3072x1320 | 14bit lostless
Sandisk Pro 160mb/s 64GB card
ISO100-200 continous

3840x2160 (1650 w/o letterbox) upscaling, sharpening and some lightadjustments done in resolve 12.5.
very rough and fast, noch "real" grading or so.

QuoteBy the way there is a small bug:
when accidentally entering the UHD crop mode from 3.5K (where 5x lv zoom + fps override to 23.976 needs to be enabled) at a resolution of 3520+ the FPS override changes to an odd 33.. fps speed. When turning fpsoverride off it changes to 19.. fps. While turning off, the Picture Style window from Canon menu flashes up once.
To eliminate this you need to turn off crop mode und raw video, close ml menu and turn everything on again (without x5 live view zoom + fps or!)... Nothing substantial but a bit confusing.
Can anyone confirm this?

can confirm!
sorry for beeing an asshole. But did you read the screenshot or any page of this tread, yet?  :D
I dont know what I do wrong,
but mny output is far away from what you guys show off :D

I tried to:

Import cDNG into Resolve -> timeline Alexa C-Log -> LUT -> way to yellow image
Import cDng to ACR -> bmd camera setup (payed converter) -> save as tif -> import to resolve -> LUT -> way to dark image
Import cDng to ACR -> VisionLog Camera Settings -> save as tif - import to resolve -> LUT -> kinda ok developed, but not near to the look you show

any idea?

thanks, Jan

ps: im working on cc2017, if this is of any interest
uuuhm sorry for the timewaste.. I somwhow skipped page 8 completly.
It took me a while to understand the resolution"issue"
I probably switched to 25p whithout noticing this will affect something ;)

maybe I have to get a filmclap, till you find time to add soundrecording ;)

Cheers and thanks!!!!
nice work @a1ex. I tested new build and now message pops up.
I was/am curious about this error/bug saying cache is locked.

I also can't get 1920x1920 working, can't get any higher than 1728px.
Before the april6 I was able to record square footage.
Not sure if you changed something, or what happend.

Also If I do 3k ISO400 I get a crash when there is to much detail moving.

at mlv_lite.c:2036 (compress_task), task compress_task
lv:1 mode:3

Magic Lantern version : crop_rec_4k.2017Apr10.5D3113
Mercurial changeset   : 2bbf0bbbaa74 (crop_rec_4k) tip
Built on 2017-04-10 08:54:19 UTC by jenkins@nightly.
Free Memory  : 164K + 3162K

hope my data is helping you in any way. if not, just tell me to stop it :D


ps: Is there a chance to get some reference sound back in 3k mode, to have better syncing in post?
Quote from: DeafEyeJedi on April 08, 2017, 06:56:59 PM

hey @a1ex
is this any indicator for a bricked camera?
because this shows up to me, even though the script says, everthing is ok.

I have some troubles running those scripts.
not sure if I do it right. (I just take ROM1.bin from sd card and scan it via script.)
Quote from: pc_bel on April 06, 2017, 06:04:04 PM
Really surprised for the extremely low rolling shutter in 1920 50p 3x3 mode... but panning, I get a cut line in the top part of the frame, only with panning! it dissapears in static frames.
Edited: I can't see the cut line in live view, only in processed dng's.

same here. got this strange line, when panning.
ASSERT: this->VramNv12Param.hJpegMemSuite
at ./Epp/Vram/VramStage.c:745, task Epp
lv:1 mode:3

Magic Lantern version : crop_rec_4k.2017Apr04.5D3113
Mercurial changeset   : e7e1fdb85f6b (crop_rec_4k) tip
Built on 2017-04-04 15:41:29 UTC by jenkins@nightly.
Free Memory  : 146K + 3094K

at ./PathDrvWrap/EekoYuvToVramPath.c:606, task Epp
lv:0 mode:3

Magic Lantern version : crop_rec_4k.2017Apr04.5D3113
Mercurial changeset   : e7e1fdb85f6b (crop_rec_4k) tip
Built on 2017-04-04 15:41:29 UTC by jenkins@nightly.
Free Memory  : 158K + 3072K

this was on 4th. didn't see there is a new version.
testing up to date version atm.

looks good so far.

I have little knowledge on how you managed to achiev this update.
But I assume, there will be no way to use an external monitor on this, right?
HDMI connectors are limeted to 1080p huh?
thanks for the feedback.
I didnt lighten up his face in post, wich I could do.
Itressting point. thanks
ehm. does the video show to you?
did I do something wrong?


hey guys,
I am finaly allowed to show my latest work on vimeo,
after some weeks of licence tarms (due to a "exclusive" premiere of the client)
Its german hiphop, so most of you wont get into the lyrics I guess, but nervermind. (it maybe better that way  ;D )

The project was shot 24p 1080 in ml and debay'd with raw2cdng 1.7.5
edited & graded in resolve, finalized in AE to put credits and some grain.

I hope some of you find some words for me,
so I can improve next time.

Hey there,

I wanted to show you a fashionclip I finished recently on my 5dmk2
shooting mlv at 30 fps, slowing mostly to 24fps via timeline playback in resolve.
Exported from Resolve to Quicktime DNxHD(10bit) and did the final render in AfterEffects.

It looks a bit greyish after the export. Does anybody have experience with this Problem?
I read that it might be a problem of Quicktime-codec.

Any feedback or criticism is welcome. Related to codecproblems or the fashionclip itself.