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General Help Q&A / EOS 6D stops shooting & dumps error-log
« on: February 28, 2021, 05:31:13 PM »
I use my 6D for astro imaging with the help of the intervalometer of magiclantern-lua_fix.2019Mar20.6D116 .
Several times during the last weeks, the camera stopped shooting without obvious reason. This happend after some tens to some hundreds of images taken. After pressing half-shoot the cam woke up again and continued shooting.
Log-files were dumped upon those accidential breaks. I checked these, but I couldn't identify any error.
The last 30 lines always look like these:

   1406:   827.285 [GUI] SetQFocusAreaSelectableFlag Area(27) Not Found
   1407:   827.405 [GUI] SetQFocusAreaSelectableFlag Area(29) Not Found
   1408:   827.672 [GUI] DlgShootOlcInfo.c SetBmpStateToPopupAeb(0)
   1409:   828.045 [GUI] ChangeSelectedItemColor ChangeColorResource(0)
   1410:   841.448 [MC] (delayed) 1
   1411:   878.238 [WINSYS] DrawUtil Bitmap size=9000
   1412:   908.545 [DISP] [Post]CtrlSrv SetAllPaletteToIndexWithoutEnableEngine(OFF)(0) 0xf764
   1413:   909.636 [DISP] [Post]CtrlSrv ChangePhysicalScreen(OFF)(0)
   1414:   909.782 [DISP] SetBitmapVramAddress BitmapAddr:0x40d3c008
   1415:   919.800 < GUI Lock > GUILock_TurnOnDisplay (PUB)
   1416:   919.862 < GUI Lock > GUILockTask 1
   1417:   919.988 [DISP] [Post]GuiLockTask TurnOnDisplay(OFF)(0)
   1418:   920.204 [DISP] [ME]Enable_Pb = 1 (2434)
   1419:   920.220 [DISP] TurnOnDisplay action Type=0
   1420:   920.240 [DISP] (LCDON)(2440)
   1421:   920.331 [DISP] [TFT]0x00000080
   1422:   920.344 [DISP] [TFT]0x00008080
   1423:   920.945 [DISP] SetBitmapVramAddress BitmapAddr:0x40d3c008
   1424:   921.067 [DISP] MuteONImage (1466)
   1425:   921.443 [GUI] MainEventHandler PROP_DISPSENSOR_CTRL(1)
   1426:   921.510 < GUI Lock > GUILock_TurnOnDisplay (PUB)
   1427:   937.269 [DISP] CurrentBrightness=4 (54,54)
   1428:  1017.786 [DISP] BackLightOn
   1429:  1017.815 [DISP] TurnOnDisplay finish Type=0
   1430:  1017.971 [DISP] [Post]DisplayMgr GUILockWaitCBR(ON)(0) GUILockWaitCBR pParam=0
   1431:  1018.305 < GUI Lock > GUILockTask 1
   1432:  1018.438 [DISP] [Post]GuiLockTask TurnOnDisplay(ON)(0)
   1433:  1018.665 [DISP] [Post]DisplayMgr GUILockWaitCBR(ON)(0) GUILockWaitCBR pParam=0
   1434:  1019.494 [FM] LED Permit
   1435:  1019.543 [FM] LED Permit
Is there anything I overlooked?

Hello all.
I've got a (used) main PCB as a replacment for my 1100D. The original mainboard is close to dead, I fear: I need to remove the battery for more than an hour before I can power it up again. But I was able to get Rom0.bin and Rom1.bin from it and would like to flash these to the replacment PCB in order to get the calibration data to it.
Is there a way to achieve this (for a non-developer)?

General Help Q&A / Dead time with intervalometer and bulb timer
« on: February 18, 2017, 06:22:26 PM »
I use the ML intervalometer for astro-imaging. Typically, I take 60 sec subs in bulb mode and get an image every 63 seconds. The additional 3 seconds per image I attributed to the storage of the raws and perhaps some lazyness of the intervalometer.
But recently I astro-modded a 1100D (filter & mirror removal, cooling). Thereby I also replaced the shutter by an emulator and did some tests with short exposures. When I came to exposure times below one second I left the bulb mode and selected the exposure time directly. And suddenly, the time loss of 3 seconds was reduced to half a second per image!
Is this a know effect, and if so: where does it comes from?

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