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I'll have a look
You can login but not edit pages, right ?

I can't login. Here my login name is 'Pelican' but there it converts it to 'pelican'. Maybe that is not good.

Still not active.

Thank you.
How can I edit it? It's in read only mode and I have no login/password there.

If you try to quote a post and failed on captcha recognition, go back to the forum, press the quote button again then it contains the orginal post twice. If you make one round again then it will show another quote.

Magic Lantern Forum and Site Discussion / Contact info on the site
« on: July 04, 2012, 12:05:50 PM »

The site is great, thank you for your work.  8)
What if someone wants to contact with the site admin without registering on the site?
It would be useful if you put an email address, or an email sending form somewhere.

And now for something completely different:
You can put a link to my EOScard if you want.

Error report:
- If you send a post with wrong captcha and go back, correct it and send it again then there is an error message: You already submitted this post! You might have accidentally double clicked or tried to refresh the page. which is not true your post not posted at all.
And the captcha is too difficult to me I can read only every fifth or sixth... it's annoying to go back and forth just because the wrong captcha code.
- Yesterday I set up an avatar which has disappeared so I set it up again today.

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