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Raw Video / Are the custom presets are only for RAW mode?
« on: September 21, 2021, 01:23:56 PM »
I've noticed when trying to record using one of the custom presets e.g 2k, 2.5k- basically any function outside of 1080p, when RAW recording is disabled, my Canon EOS M will just crash. Is it the case that these modes are ONLY for RAW recording? I have not seen this explicitly stated anywhere but assume this is the case since these modes don't work withour RAW video mode turned on.

Hi everyone,

So I came across a couple of videos where the EOS M owner achieved a full frame RAW video with ML. Using the Vitrox speed booster.

In this video the guy says he's using a a Tamron adaptall 35-70mm f3.5. I found out the adaptall is a very old manual lens that requires a seperate adaptor (or two?) to be able to fit an EF mount.

So assuming this is the case, there would be no problem doing something similar with an old FD Canon lens with an FD> EF converter which is much more common?

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