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Here's a crash report. As you'll notice from the hardware specs it's a Hackintosh. But don't think that will be the cause of the crash.
Thanks Garry, sounds like a good way to do it.
Is it in your Cycler B script?
Would like to include that functionality in the next version of the script.

Also I made this Automator workflow for developing scripts on MacOS.
- You need to open it in Automator first (not Automator Installer).
- Choose the .LUA script(s) your working on in the first "Get Specified Finder Items" block.
- Save the workflow.
- Double click the workflow file in Finder to open with Automator Installer.
- Click Install.

Now every time you insert the SD card from your camera it will copy the scripts you're working on to the SD and unmount the SD.
So it's as easy as pop it in the SD card reader, wait 1 second (until you see in Finder that it mounted and unmounted instantly) and take it out of the reader and insert back into the camera to test the script :)

I hope it speeds up script development :D
I updated my script. It should now restart movie recording more or less as quick as it can when you toggle x3crop while recording.

Haven't addressed Danne's comments yet about also allowing normal use of the chosen button.
Right now the button you choose loses it's normal function for as long as my toggle menu is activated.
Cool! Thanks. Now I can quickly review footage in DaVinci Resolve with MLVFS and then switch to exported DNG from MLV App later :)
Well that's strange. Don't think we're going to find what's causing this.
I could reproduce it consistently with that file yesterday and the day before.
But not anymore today... Forgot exactly what settings I used, but I could export it fine now a couple of times.

However, I also ran into a couple of crashes but differently this time.
If I open MLV App, then add that file, change Chroma Smooth to 5x5 and export in DNG Fast Pass with DaVinci Resolve naming it crashed MLV App instantly.
Even before progress bar shows.

Was hoping this crash would happen consistently, but to my surprise repeating the process I got a couple of successful exports too.

I'm on the latest MacOS 10.14.5 by the way.

Sorry to bother with this!
I improved my previous script with inspiration from Danne's latest build.
Now you can choose three buttons (INFO, SET or HALFSHUTTER) to toggle between normal and 3x crop in mv1080.
Or you can disable this functionality.

It's a LUA script which should be set to autorun.
It adds a menu entry in the ML video section.

No need to enter and exit the Canon menu anymore.
I'm pausing and resuming Live View, which I spotted Danne doing in his latest commit.
But I find my way of switching is a more responsive.
This solution switches instantly whereas with the latest build I need to keep the halfshutter pressed for a bit before it toggles.
Plus you get the choice to use other keys.

The script is on GitHub:

I found it quite tricky to get the menu working like I wanted.
Tried to mimic how "RAW video" menu item works (SET button to toggle on and off and Play Button for submenu).
But couldn't figure out how to do that (for me it would always enter the submenu and never toggle with SET...)
So the menu isn't perfect, oh well...

By the way Danne, in the cine.lua script you forgot to replace the last occurrence of cinema 2:35.1 with cinema 2.39:1.
Now the code in first if statement would not work I think.
Here's the MLV file which makes MLV App crash when exporting to CinemaDNG Fast Pass, DaVinci Resolve Naming Scheme.

Unfortunately had to upload the whole (big) file, as I couldn't make it shorter.
Exporting a shortened MLV didn't crash the app but gave this error:

"Could not read VIDF image data from: M01-1136.MLV."

So probably that error isn't handled correctly when exporting to CinemaDNG?

Remember this was the recording which filled up the card, so probably ML couldn't cleanly end the file.
I was crashing MLV App yesterday a lot when trying to export MLVs which stopped recording due to card full. Had to ignore the last portion (maybe 60 frames, don't remember exactly). Apart from that seems to be quite stable for me.

One thing which is a bit inconvenient though is that sometimes MLV App will halt batch export if it can't process a certain frame. It will give you three choices (skip the frame, cancel the batch export and another one).

Would be great if there's an option to just continue always, and warn about issues afterwards. Like when copying in Windows where it will ask you to overwrite each individual file, or with one click overwrite all. Or somehow put these problematic ones at the end of the queue. So that I can answer all the pop-ups, which halt export, at once. Otherwise I have to monitor the export constantly and can't leave the computer.

Still a really hot app though!
There's this feature request for Auto White Balance in MLV App: But it would be great if the MLV files already came with the measured white balance when the camera is set to Auto White Balance. So I figured the in-camera measured white balance must be in the exif data. I thought perhaps I can make my EOS M take a picture before starting RAW video recording. So I can have access to the measured white balance, and apply it from the photo to the video. Which is exactly what chmee suggested.

Quote from: chmee on July 25, 2013, 11:22:32 AM
@a1ex is it possible to simulate one photo-shot (without a pictureoutput) right before the movie-recording begins? saving the exifs from this shot as separated file with the same name as the raw-file?


or much simpler

(merging of CR2-Metadata then in the converter)

regards chmee

Seems like you guys almost cracked this puzzle in 2013! Where did it go from here? Would love to know if this turned out to be impossible or still worth looking into.
Thanks! Glad to hear the report was useful. I can confirm on my end that exporting uncompressed works in this case. So I'll do that instead. Hope it gets fixed in the future because I like RAW but I also like to save space ˆˆ
Quote from: freely on June 21, 2018, 09:30:25 AM
Thanks to the guide, I was able to get what I wanted. Thank you.
For your reference, let me tell you why I want to remove "MLV" from the clip name.

@Danne & Freely, do any of you mind sharing a compiled version of mlvfs for macOS with the MLV part removed from the name? Would be great if the naming would be compatible with MLV App.

I just installed mlvfs on macOS and it works with the 14bit lossless compressed MLV files from my EOS M.
I know and that's awesome! But for toggling the 3x crop mode, or switching between modes like mv1080 and anamorphic mode, you need to enter the Canon menu (not ML menu) and exit it. It's a workaround so the settings will actually take effect.

But this workaround doesn't work so nicely in Lua. Nice thing about Danne's method now is that he doesn't seem to rely on the workaround (enter/exit Canon menu). If we'd be able to call Danne's method of applying these settings from Lua, then we could make custom scripts to quickly change between different raw recording modes.

Or perhaps I'm misunderstanding how all this works :P
Nice thing about your solution, which doesn't seem to rely on Lua api, is that there's no need to enter and exit the Canon menu to get the x3cropmode to come into effect.

If there'd be a way to refresh the regs from Lua, like you do without enter and exit Canon menu, then it would become a lot easier to switch between different modes from Lua scripts.
Thanks for looking into it Danne! I was out today shooting with my script and found it super convenient to quickly toggle the 3x crop mode.
Just tried out your new build and it toggles the 3x crop mode nicely :)

Some feedback:
Toggling with longpress of half shutter button feels a bit less responsive than what I experienced with my script today.
Before toggling it goes into the slow black and white live view first, and sometimes stays there a second or two.
Also I have Magic Zoom assigned to half shutter press, so for me this conflicts at the moment.
I find the info button a good choice because I don't really use that one.

I guess I could stick with your neatly integrated solution, and instead make a script which toggles Magic Zoom always on/off with the info button instead.
For this I'd definitely look at the Cycler script made by garry23!
I'm unable to export my MLV file to CinemaDNG Lossless with Chroma Smooth 3x enabled.
I get the following error: "Could not save: some dng frame number. How would you like to proceed? Skip Frame. Abort current export. Abort batch export."
Some frames get exported fine, even some MLV files from todays recording processed fully.
But most of them fail.

When I disable Chroma Smooth 3x I can export without any issues.

I've got Fix Focus Dots enabled, but would like to enable chroma smooth as well because it cleans some of the aliasing.

Heres the link to an example MLV file:

I'm on macOS Mojave with the latest MLV App version 1.7 and freshly downloaded focus dots maps.
Good to know! My 64gb card fills up way to quickly obviously.
Is anybody using the SanDisk Extreme PRO - 256 GB - SDXC UHS-I - 95 MB/'s card? And is it any good for continuous recording?
Thanks! That's what I expected. Will have to be sure before I delete my MLV files for now then. Does DNGApp still exist? The link doesn't work for me:
Quote from: Danne on June 30, 2019, 05:13:41 PM
Probably works. Good luck :)

Made this script. Allows me to toggle between 3x crop mode with 2 key presses, info button and immediately after the menu button. Switching takes about 1 second. Didn't find a good way to exit the Canon menu after the first Tried adding msleep up to 2000 but it just didn't exit out of the Canon menu. What would be a reliable way to immediately exit the Canon menu?

Have this script set to autorun, but then it shows the console output: "[Lua] all scripts loaded." Any way to hide this?

-- ETC 

-- Toggle between 3x crop mode

-- end this script if not eosm
if camera.model_short ~= "EOSM" then
    display.notify_box("Script not working on this cam")
-- warnings
while camera.mode ~= MODE.MOVIE do
    display.notify_box("enable MOVIE mode")

function toggle_x3crop()
    -- crop mode
    if menu.get("Crop mode", "x3crop") == "x3crop" then
        menu.set("Crop mode", "x3crop", 0)
        menu.set("Crop mode", "x3crop", "x3crop")

event.keypress = function(key)
    if key == KEY.INFO and menu.visible == false then
        return false
Quote from: masc on April 22, 2019, 10:03:03 AM
As bouncyball already wrote, DNG import will not be possible so easy. The internal realization is written for MLV only atm and must be rewritten just for this feature. If you find a way of packing DNGs into MLV, all DNG files MUST have the same resolution and settings, otherwise you'll get crashes only. Frame geometry and memory allocation is adapted always using metadata found in the first frame of a clip atm (and normaly it does not change).

From DNG back to MLV-App would be a useful addition in my opinion. I export my MLVs to DNG to work with in DaVinci resolve. At this point it takes up twice the storage space if I decide to keep also the MLV files. That's why I started with MLVFS, but that didn't work so well for me. So I delete the MLVs after the export. But this way I lose the ability to open them back up in MLV-App. If I later find something wrong, e.g. Focus Pixels, I can no longer fix them in MLV-App.

If MLV-App exports the MLV specific metadata to a file, together with the DNG files, then nothing is lost when the DNG's are imported into MLV-App again. But apparently it's complex to translate DNG back to MLV file format... I imagine it would be the exact same as export to DNG but in reverse :P
Quote from: Danne on June 29, 2019, 06:01:54 PM
All the way to the right you have a triangle ´modified´and in there you can get into fast toggle presets.
This menu is quite useful, but when the 3x mode is disabled, it won't show up in this menu. And toggling from here still isn't very quick. I thought maybe it's possible to trigger a Lua script when pressing the set or info button that would toggle the 3x crop setting and also enter and exit the canon menu.

I could try to base a script on your cine.lua script if there's a way to run a script from the set or info button.
Would it be possible to toggle between 3x crop mode with a single button? E.g. the set or info button? Would be super convenient to use it like the Extended Tele Conversion on some Panasonic models. Currently I haven't built up the muscle memory to switch quickly. It takes about 5 seconds and 5 key presses to toggle.
On which OS do you want to use MLVFS?

For me it's not working on Windows any more. I decided to copy all of the DNG folders to the hard drive, while the MLV files were mounted using MLVFS. Basically converting MLV to DNG with MLVFS. Just so I get the correct directory structure so I can open my Davinci Resolve project again.

But MLVFS stopped working again. It 'converted' 25% of the files and then crashed. This was done without opening Davinci Resolve, so seems like my issues are not related to Davinci Resolve.


So now I'm using MLV App to batch convert the MLV files to DNG so I can at least open my project again in Resolve.
I've been using mlvfs like described in my previous post with Davinci Resolve 16 Beta 3 on Windows 10 and it was working fine until today.
Edited and exported a video, all good, but today I wanted to make a small change so I opened the project again but it seems mlvfs is crashing.

So I run mlvfs with the -d option to see debug log output.

Before I open resolve, the previews of the clips load fine in the web gui.
When I open the Resolve project it shows the thumbnails of all the clips on the timeline.
When I start playback, I can get a couple of frames and then it locks up.

Mlvfs doesn't output anything special on the command line.
Last line logged was "ReadFile: \path\to\dng from 4096 len 4096"

In the file explorer the mounted drive becomes unavailable.
I get this message: "Z:\ is not accessible. Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service."

localhost:8000 won't load any longer.

Then Resolve says "Media Offline".

I didn't install anything in the mean time...
But I tried installing the new Davinci Resolve 16 Beta 4, which didn't make a difference.

Finally when I terminate mlvfs in the command line it says "send global release for Z:".
So it seems mlvfs doesn't crash completely...

Is it still working for you?