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There it is....I tried to make couple of timelapses using these functions and after 30 mins or so I get temperature warning and camera gets too hot to touch.... doesnt seem healthy at all :(
Dont know why this is happening... only other thing is auto power off is set to Never...but that was suggested for shooting timelapse...

Any ideas ?
Well the title says it all... is it possible ?
Well, had 550d with ML, worked like a magic....
Now have 6D , so FF quality will keep me happy for some time untill ML comes out... ::)

One annoying thing for us who shoot with manual (m42 and such) lenses and also use Canon lenses in MF mode is that the IR red assist beam on Speedlites does not fire at all with any settings. Same is for Canon lenses when in MF mode. So stupid... I guess IR then lights up only when AF motor is running which makes no sense.
It would be great to make this IR red beam light up to support focus confirmation either with Canon lenses when set to MF or other manual lenses ( I have 3 versions of chipped adapters, EMF , Optix, no name so camera gets info that a lens is attached and gives AF confirm ) .

Dont you think so? Imho very useful feature, makes big difference. :o ;D
Well Canon has managed somehow to screw with AF confirm chip-body comunication which means that no longer can you use m42 / other GREAT manual glass with adapters and AF confirm chips on new 5D mk3. You get ERROR 05 i think..

Now I WILL NOT buy MK3, I will buy MK2 instead or is there a way around that ?

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Sorry to bother, but cant find option to remap A-Dep mode to Movie mode.
Also ISO+LV shortcut does not go to movie mode .