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Thanks for your reply.
I just found "Register" button.

But miyake is already existing, and miyake_t is
"Looks like there was an error on sending the password mail. Please contact the admin!"

Please check miyake entry and above error log.
I guess , "miyake" is japanese name. so somebody doesn't use it.

Does forum account and wiki account is separated ?

I'm not native English speaker  , so we are little difficult to know all of things.
So I want to write FAQ page for Japanese speakers.
How to login it?

General Development Discussion / Movie autofocus experiments
« on: July 17, 2012, 03:53:50 AM »
I guess , this function's position like "50D video shooting". Basically we can't use MovieAF in our old cameras.But this function will provide capability for it. So more supporter will participate to this project.

Anyway, I'm interested in this function, and now I'm acquire and tuning the codes. AF moving is more faster than original. Still not perfect  but working. and It's a extremely noisy and battery eater (lol
But it is not converge to AF point. So this function need to apply more good formula for calculating focus distance from live view buffer. Or need a converge code.

Does any other developer existing who is interested in this function  ?

I can coding by C , but I'm not expert for analyzing graphic.

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