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Aha. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I googled that and got information on using Expo. Override because no matter what I set the aperture to it didn't make any difference. Expo. Override seemed to solve that issue.

I wish all this information was easier to find. ML can be so complicated and finding the info on how to use it can be so difficult to find, read and understand.

It would be good if someone could put together and easy to use manual for it.

This is what I get now too.
3.5k 1:1 centered totally pink in liveview then it goes all snowy.
48fps and 3X1 4K Anamorphic totally black screen. No GUI at all. Need to exit live view to change out of those..

I have never been able to get Full frame Silent Pictures to work on my 5d Mark II.

Recently I have a job where this would be very useful so I tried to get it to work with the latest ML version and still no joy.

If I use 'Simple' the photos come out perfectly fine with the correct exposures.
However! If I use Full Frame the photos come out way over exposed and are useless.

What's going on?

The video Walter Schulz posted. I downloaded the files he posted on the Youtube video and installed them and at first I get similar results to him!
Why are his files different from the ones posted here?
His work the ones here do not.
One of the crop options are now missing FHD 48P results in liveview not working. I need to exit it, go into the ML menu and change the crop option.
Now when I try 3.5K 1:1 centered x5 I get lines down the picture and 4k breaks the liveview now too.
It's very inconsistent. I am stuck.

Thanks for your reply.
I went through all the steps in a video posted at the start of this thread.

I will now attempt the steps reddeercity posted above.

Live view on. Picture black and white with a pink box along the bottom.
x5 times zoom Liveview menu says: 2152x1074 2.60x
Enable 4k 3x1 2152x1074 (need to set to x1)
Refeshed live view. Now states 1880x1248 2.98x
Selected FHD 48p 1880x1248
Pressed shutter half way and zoom. Now says FHD 48p 2152x1108

That's with the resolution set to highest. If I start with 1920 the numbers are all lower.
In the end I endup with FHD48p 1880x1248

I will watch the video posted by Walter Schulz.

I just cannot get this to work.
Doing everything suggested and I can only get 2784x1160.
4K anamorphic crop mode just does not work either. I can't turn it on. Selecting it I just get 1180x1248 and lots of lines down the image.
When 'unanamorphing' it in post the image ends up a lot smaller.

Sometimes the display on the camera goes black and I need to take out the battery to fix it.

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