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Raw Video / Fresh video - Canon 5d III RAW mode
September 16, 2014, 12:49:52 PM
If you have a time check it out.
Color corrected and graded with Davinci Resolve, editing was done in Sony Vegas 12 Pro

Everything was shot in 3 days.

 :D    :D     :D     :D

Well lets start wih some basic questions. Since I am using windows and not MAC in my software's that I was using for editing until now I didng had PRO RES 444 option. My work flow with RAW was very simple`- Convert DNG trough RAW2DNG, save them as TIFFs, open them with Photoshop and ACR, do some basic color correcting and using Quicktime 7 pro I would open them and save them as image sequence, but also in there I didnt had pro res option and I would chose mp4 file as output. From there I would go back to Vegas or AE and finish it. But It seems to me that when I go like this I dont get the full pack` that you get from RAW. Is there a better option to do so.
Also with Davinci what would be the best settings for Camera raw tab when using RAW video. I just got Vision tech LUTs and I want to try them but I dont know how :(

Thank You in advance.
Hey Goran

By the name I would say that we are coming from the same part of the World. (Balcan)
I would like to ask for some advices from you if you are willing to help me.
I am using Canon 5d III and shooting RAW and really green when it comes to the using LUTs.
I am just starting with Davinci Resolve and your help would mean a WORLD to me.
So before I start asking questions I just wanted to introduce my self and see do you want to Help me.
In any case thank you