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Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: Salvaging Pink Crazy DNGs
« on: July 31, 2014, 11:13:32 PM »
Also shooting a film and had the same pink problem, that´s what I did to solve it, it´s quite simple:

You need:
- Any non-corrupt file shot with the same settings
-  A calculator

1) First, open the non-corrupt file with the hex editor and copy the footer. At least in my case, it was about the same length of the one posted here. I recognized it because, as the example posted here, it started with: "52 41 57 4D"

2) Second, extract the DNGs from the non-corrupt file to know how big that files are.

3) Then you have to calculate how many frames (approx.) you want extracted from the clip.
I did the following math:

( (4.29 * number of split-files in GB) + size of the corrupt file in GB ) * 1024 * 1.1463 / size of a single DNG file

- (4.29 * number of split-files in GB) = if you have your files split because you shot in a FAT card, you ´ll end having FILE.R00, FILE.R01, FILE.RAW etc. This is just to avoid the step of merging the files, as some people suggest.

- Size of the corrupt file in GB:   The .RAW is the first file, and the highest .R0 is the last (so, that´s the corrupt file and the one you need).

- * 1024 (from GB to MB duh!)

- * 1.1463 . This is how much bigger my files are after conversion from RAW to DNG. I get about 14% bigger files after the extraction, I would advise you do your own calculation with the non-corrupt file, as it may vary if you use different settings (I have no idea)

- size of a single DNG file: the size of a single frame.

4) Convert the number of frames you got for that file size to Hexadecimal

5) Replace the position in the footer with the correct hex number you now have and paste the footer in the end of your corrupt file.
The previous posts explain the right place to put it, the 13th position (there must be a better term for this) in the footer.
Remember it´s Little Endian, so you have to invert the position of the numbers in the footer!
For example:
You got A3 you write A3 00
you got FD4A you write 4A FD
you got 6C2 you write C2 06

No idea what to do if you have more than FFFF frames (45 min at 24 fps). I guess you could test writing it after or before.

6) Done, extract with your favorite raw to dng converter.
If you feel like you are missing some frames because the math isn´t exact, you can always add frames to the footer (haven´t tested yet, but I guess it will extract some garbage after the good frames finish.

Thanks everybody for the previous posts, I wouldn´t have no idea what to do without them! :)

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