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Feature Requests / Re: Exposure Compensation for LV
December 26, 2013, 07:34:29 PM
Didn't work
Feature Requests / Re: Exposure Compensation for LV
December 23, 2013, 08:14:28 PM
would do if I would know anyhting about coding.
Feature Requests / [SOLVED] Exposure Compensation for LV
December 22, 2013, 06:33:09 PM
Since the second Oct 1st Nightly Build the fonts have changed and the Exposure Compensation indicator is gone.

Please bringt it back. I don't think it's a huge problem, there is alot of free space in the upper and lower bars of the LV screen where it can be put.

Haven't made a single update in the Nightlys since it's missing.

Feature Requests / Re: OTG Cable backup?
December 22, 2013, 06:24:18 PM
Get the DSLR Controller app and then you can do it.

Doesn't work with every camera or phone though, read the FAQs and try the suggested app for testing before buying.

Works like a charm on my 550D and Nexus 5
Is this going to be fixed?

The lack of this with the actual fonts keeps me from trying any new Nightly Build because I really'd like to have Expo Compensation indicator.

Quote from: Audionut on September 06, 2013, 08:03:47 PM
You should always try first before attempting bug reports.

I wasn't reporting a bug. I am aware how to report one (I did several times + the bugs being succesfully fixed)....I also opened two tickets in the bug tracker with two bugs (both existing now for months), I don't know if they're hard to fix, but all the reporting I did, didn't work out this times.

Thanks for the reply
I'm a bit confused about the new Nightly build download site.

When I download the pack for 550D the Autoexec isn't big enough to be working (I think), so I tried the Unified and this one works.

What's the (in my case) 550D pack for? When I replaced the Data, Modules and Script folders with an earlier Nightly, the camera didn't work at all (haven't tried a Nightly from last 3 days due to no time)
I'm not really getting this (I am not a programmer).

Why has it been moved to Modules?

and uhm....where can I find a modules folder?

Camera is my 550D
what is the best way to install the upgraded docs?

Just delete the old docs folder of any previous build or leave it and copy&paste&replace the files in it with the new ones?
Ok  thanks I'm going to try this and report how it went

since Auto ETTR now seems to work on the 550D I was giving it a shot.

first, yes, I read the tutorial. I use Halfshutter Double Click to set it off. Now I am wondering, let's say you want to shoot something in a room, bright daylight outside, and the window with the high exposed outside environment appears in the LV screen.

I don't want to make an HDR in this situation, just trying to let Auto ETTR do the metering so I can hopefully get the last bit of information in the RAW file.

What Auto ETTR does when there is something really overexposed in the LV screen (according to RAW Zebras), is it's exposing the bright object (in this case the window) as good as it can but underexposes the rest of the room, which isn't really the effect I was aiming for.

I literally have to set up the situation in a way that the window doesn't appear on the LV screen.

I hope it's clear what I mean. If anyone wants to clarify it for me, please keep it simpel, I am no programmer or such.

I put them on LV.

Maybe I am just not getting it right, I am no programmer or pro-photographer. I understand the concept of ETTR but can't figure out how to properly use the histgramm for some reason.

sorry for hijacking this thread but I couldnt find one specificly for the 550d
I somehow can't figure out how to interpret the hints.

when it says i.e. 1.5 up and I adjust the EV ~1.5 upwards it says "Over" most of the time but the picture is really dark.

Trying in my living room while pointin the cam outside, 550d with 10-22mm Canon lens.

I thought the hints were vor overexposing in such a range you can still crank the lights down to get more informations out of a RAW?

The results I get are the other way round, picture needs to be darkened down according to the Hints.

Using M mode.
I forgot to ask about the vertical lines haha. thanks for clarifying this.

@anyone who knows

Still'd like to know what the colored areas on the left mean, thanks ;-)
Great work with this!

I only have a question (what the ETTL hints do should be obvious), but I can't really figure out how to read / interpret the RAW histogramm.

So as far as I can think of, it shows the actual exposure values of the RAW, not of what the camera thinks it would be in a JPEG, right?

And what does the brownish-red and grey area in the left quarter of the histogramm mean?


Quote from: dlrpgmsvc on May 23, 2013, 05:08:44 PM
Whoa ! A little step for a programmer... a giant leap for 550D Magic Lantern !

I managed to enable the RAW HISTOGRAM on 550D !  ;D

The pull request is yet sent and sitting, waiting to be merged in the next nightly build !  :P

Share Your Photos / Hipster Casemod......really? :-)
March 16, 2013, 06:24:12 PM
Saw a picture of a vintage typewriter, where you could put an iPad in.....gave me an idea.

Fusion HDR, AB and LCD Remote, also the preview tethering shot:

and of course I made an Instagram version of it with LR:

General Help Q&A / Re: HDR auto bracketing problem on 60D
February 12, 2013, 10:02:56 AM
You could try to format your storage card and reinstall ML (read the installation manual for the process).

When you're running the latest 2.3 official release you might want to give one of the nightly builds a try (usually there's an every day release).

ML faced alot of changes since 2.3 release, for me it's working pretty well on my 550D.

When you encounter a bug please report it.

The nightly builds are easy to install and you can perform a rollback to 2.3 with no problems.

Go to Downloads and scroll down for the Nightly Builds button and download the latest.

Before you replace anything, make a backup of your storage card.

To make the Nightly work, replace the Autoexec.bin and the whole ML folder except for "doc" because the direct help wouldn't work anymore.

Cropmks, data and scripts need to be replaced.

Ja das wär echt blöd :-D

Das meiste ist aber noch gleich bzw leicht übertragbar. Momentan wird an einem neuen UI gefeilt....kannst dir es ja mal ankucken.
Nicht schlecht :-)

Ich kucks mir eben an, wenn ich noch was finde, was evtl erwähnenswert oder verbesserungswürdig wäre, schreib ichs hier rein.

Kleine Frage noch vorneweg, die Anleitung basiert auf 2.3 Stable Release?  Frage deshalb, weil sich bei den Nightly seit der letzten Woche ordentlich was getan hat. Einige Menüs sind anders aufgebaut etc.

General Development / Re: ML UI rationalization
February 08, 2013, 08:46:24 PM
I like how the UI appears in the actual NB.

Today I tried the My Menu function (which I didn't know it was there lol) and this is definitely a nice addition.

But, and this is just my opinion, I don't really like it's always jumping back to My Menu, either if the camera was turned off or if you leave ML.

Sometimes this is a little bit annoying.

Except for this great work so far
General Development / Re: ML UI rationalization
February 05, 2013, 10:04:29 AM
Yes well I was refering to the ML overlay but it's not a big deal aynways ;-)

But this might be, just noticed when you're trying to correct values per ML (exposure, ISO etc) the screen doesn't turn transparent anymore, both video and photo mode

General Development / Re: ML UI rationalization
February 05, 2013, 09:32:06 AM
There's two things I noticed with today's Nightly build:

1. Outside Liveview in Overlay menu.
Histogram is green but maybe should be orange since it's also only working in LV

2. There's no info which of 4 possible Overlay Layouts is selected, making it difficult to configure them (usually shown right next to the "Global Draw" option)

I like the idea of secondary menues being fullscreen (this is also is a good workaround for the splitting Audio menu symbol lol).

Any chance the picture can be moved downwards when Inverted Screen is activated?  Because when it is und and you set the screen on "even lower" the screen actually is moving upwards.
didnt notice that nice find haha

while playing around with Advanced Display Settings last week during an HDR shoot I noticed something by accident.

while having my 550d on my mini tripod right next to a small creek I couldn't see s*** on the display (wishing for at least a 600D there lol) so I tried to make it a little better by set "Image position" on "Lowered even more"

Whil the function was activated, I activated Upsidedown Mode by accident and noticed the screen actually goes higher when upside down.

I tried to make a screenshot but the screen placement doesnt show, just try it out by yourself and you'll see what I mean.

Also the message "Lowered even more" doesn't fit in the box frame which isn't a big deal but doesn't look good.