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It's my first post but I'm so bloody chuffed I've got to tell someone...anyone!

Well I bought the Canon EOS M as it's was too cheap to pass up. Played with it for a day and realised there was no wired remote. Bit annoyed but there is always the RC-6 right? But I missed the wired remote that I used with my other DLSRs. After a bit of internet hunting I found a site where a guy solders a wired remote to a cheapo RC-6 equivalent. I tried that but it was a bit flakey and I had to place the el-cheapo Ebay RC-6 in front of the M. Then I tried my el-cheapo Ebay universal a/c remote control and it was much more stable and it worked! It even worked from behind the camera. BUT THEN, fiddling in ML menus I noticed 'audio remoteshot' and it worked to a point by clapping my hands. So, to my untrained brain, audio is simply sounds waves converted to an analogue or digital signal. So I simply plugged my wired remote straight into the microphone port and pressed the button. HEY PRESTO! It worked. I'm so chuffed. The wired remote was again an el-cheapo Ebay intervalometer style one.

Next to try my Zapshot and see if wireless (non IR) remote works.


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