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More interesting developments.

Watched this video ( and the poster is using my method with an android app called TriggerTrap ( Very interesting times. Need to experiment with this app.

and because we all love to experiment, someone has found BULB can be made to work with TL and the EOS M. Happy days... :D ...great job.

and second: I'm not able to find audio remote shoot option in my version of ML for Eos M. I have the latest nightly build. can you please recommend some other version that has this option?
thanks in advance!

Sorry Bladerunner. In my excitement I got totally confused. I actually loaded Tragic Lantern, build from 9-May-014. It took me a while to work that out.!! Hope that helps. What I did find out was Audio Remote Shot simply trips the shutter. It doesn't work on bulb setting.

Great to hear when people get all giddy when a plan works out. Chuffed sounds like something bad to me, especially as a bean, but I guess I have been "chuffed" many, many times and just did not know it.

Chuffed is a good thing, honest (

Sitting here quietly giggling to myself. Even Zapshot works!

It's my first post but I'm so bloody chuffed I've got to tell someone...anyone!

Well I bought the Canon EOS M as it's was too cheap to pass up. Played with it for a day and realised there was no wired remote. Bit annoyed but there is always the RC-6 right? But I missed the wired remote that I used with my other DLSRs. After a bit of internet hunting I found a site where a guy solders a wired remote to a cheapo RC-6 equivalent. I tried that but it was a bit flakey and I had to place the el-cheapo Ebay RC-6 in front of the M. Then I tried my el-cheapo Ebay universal a/c remote control and it was much more stable and it worked! It even worked from behind the camera. BUT THEN, fiddling in ML menus I noticed 'audio remoteshot' and it worked to a point by clapping my hands. So, to my untrained brain, audio is simply sounds waves converted to an analogue or digital signal. So I simply plugged my wired remote straight into the microphone port and pressed the button. HEY PRESTO! It worked. I'm so chuffed. The wired remote was again an el-cheapo Ebay intervalometer style one.

Next to try my Zapshot and see if wireless (non IR) remote works.


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