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An INI has to be loaded every camera restart (and maybe reloaded on encoder mode changes), etc. On 6D I added an auto loader so I didn't have to manually keep doing it.

Switching ML versions you don't need to format anything either, I never have. If you're doing the unmodified nightly and just INI all you would be doing is not loading the INI. On the transplanted 6D compiled version you would just turn the autoload off (or not on in the first place). You'd have to D/L the inis I had too for it to work.

I had them all here:

The top 3 were all a different encoder mode. The old thread had a listing of which parameters tripped an ERR70 with no patching.
QuoteLoad up the appropriate ini file and it worked as expected.

Plain INI file loading has really only 2 disadvantages.

1. Canon has errors set up on certain parameters, to really push it it helps to patch those. On 6D it was at certain QPs and bumping the profile from what I remember.
2. You can't alter flush rates nor the GOP.

On this encoder think of it kinda like setting up x264 parameters. Apply what you know converting stuff since you pretty much are.

QuoteThere doesn't even appear to be any advantages to increasing the bitrate on a 5D3 anyway.
There is *kinda*. (default) 24Mb/s IPB is frowns all around. 70-80 IPB is comparable and probably better than the ALL-I, textbook wise the all-I has to be 2x the rate of the IPB.

The flip side of this IMO is that you're still encoding the same YUV stream and you have raw despite its space drawbacks if you absolutely need it. Is the amount of tweaking worth it vs just shooting ALL-I when you need H264? Remember, the ALL-I *is* workable even by default.

On older esp SD cameras all you got was the hobbled IPB equivalent so the answer was likely yes. On the 6D since you only really get 720P raw its a maybe. Here I'm not so sure and judging by how long this has all been available and the tiny amount of testing, people aren't too interested.

Its even done for 5d3-123. Just un-disable it. You can pretty much push till you get ~400Mb/s and dropped frames. Limiting factor is the encoder and not write speed and 95% of 6D stuff applies to 5D3 since the encoders are identical.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
November 22, 2014, 02:07:40 AM

if ( dword_4700 )
    if ( dword_4700 == 1 )
      Resolution = 1280;
      if ( dword_4700 != 2 )
        DryosDebugMsg(61, 6, "ILLEGAL_PARAMETER MovieSize:%d");
        return 3;
      Resolution = 640;
    Resolution = 1920;

But it don't wanna workee.  Changing the LV mode is proving harder.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
November 21, 2014, 04:16:30 PM
I looked at it last night too... I still can't find flush rate or gop settings :( I'll keep looking tho... I did correct the mvr.h struct which has to go back into ML proper... your qscale isn't being displayed and I dunno where the "x" parameters are actually being written. You'd have to check your videos and see if they are really encoding at low qp #s or bit rate "CBR" isn't working at all. The fixed quant mode (qscale) is working for sure and slice is in the back end So overall a pretty normal 5DII/7D/550D style encoder. Maybe its the large pixels/low density sensor + too much compression?

What I find interesting is that there is 1 other mode, 640x480 60P from the looks of it.  If that 60P can be changed to then the 50D will do slomo.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
November 20, 2014, 05:10:39 PM
The only thing that can make 50D H264 liveable is finding where the flush rate is and maxing the bit rate settings so it records at the highest quality 100% of the time. For all of the memory and write speed on 50D the H264 is exceptionally bad.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 7D
November 18, 2014, 08:09:06 PM
There is the new audio system branch and a module that has a wav rec. I'm checking it out on EOSM (so far: headphone, on/off and volumes). It definitely needs polishing (i.e it doesn't set settings at rec start and only alters digital volumes) but its a start. I always had classic recording patched up on my 7D stuff so never really noticed it was missing.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 7D
November 18, 2014, 12:01:40 AM
So it still seems a little slower than the 64gb 1000x but not by much.

Nothing really new on the 7D side. There is the black level fix PR and I wonder what that will do to write speeds. It doesn't work for crop mode though.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 7D
November 17, 2014, 04:38:24 PM
QuoteML benchmark shows about 90 MByte/s (write).

How fast does it write while recording? The 64gb previous gen Komputerbay cards were continuous at 1728x972 or 1728x1156 @24P.  ~82 MB/s writing.

QuoteIs there a way to record MLV's on higher frame rates for slow motion?

Nope. The live view can't get that fast. You can override the 60P modes to 48fps though. Or 50P if you're on pal.

Quotei don't get what do you mean "Sync functions"

How ML overlays/display filters (ie ML preview)/etc are synced up with the LV image. These functions take more CPU and are less reliable on this generation of DigicIV cameras. The magic zoom actually relies on making the CPU busy to slow it down enough to not flicker.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 7D
November 16, 2014, 10:18:19 PM
5DII also has the same shitty sync functions as 7d. You're just going from a 2 proc camera with crop sensor to a 1 proc camera with an FF. You can still get bad frames there. The only things that mitigate bad frames on this generation are faster cards and less doodads turned on while recording.
First you have to find where the error 50 is called in firmware. Then you patch that to a NOP at startup.

cache_fake(0xaddress, 0xE1A00000, TYPE_ICACHE);

The problem could be that the err 50 comes from some board on the camera. Someone had an err 30 that they couldn't patch like this. If you're lucky its just like an assert in canon firmware though.

but I think he deleted the repo.

this is what its related to per canon:

Err 50


A malfunction related to the electric control has been detected.

Well its not an assert:

[MC] Disp Error : 50

You can try to disable those and see if it boots but you probably won't have much luck. Besides that you can try to patch the specific error with a cache hack at startup. Everything got seated correctly when you were putting it back together?
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 7D
November 10, 2014, 03:57:34 AM
Bigger shocker... the sensor isn't even 16:9, its 3:2. Actually "fuller" HD, 1728x1152. If you want wide vs tall do 2k and like 928 in crop mode.

General Help Q&A / Re: Raw error
November 09, 2014, 05:45:13 PM
I just tried it and its working.... but I have silent full res applied.
User Introduction / Re: Canon 6D fundraiser for the devs
November 06, 2014, 11:04:31 PM
Uhm.. Me, audionut and coutts all have 6Ds. 6D113 is 90% similar to 5DIII 113
AFAIK 6D is "missing" exactly:
Bit Rate Controls
Audio Controls

from ML main. The most oft complained about issue was the menu closing which happens from the canon dialog and is likely a result of internal timers. The wifi isn't fast enough to do anything constructive with it. What exactly would another 6D accomplish?
I've never seen it for video but for photos dual_iso can do this in ML right now(it misses some), there should be a custom string option in the canon menus as well, but it does ALL images. I personally use it for bracketed shots, as written by a1ex (1 or 2 years ago) with some updates to keep it current with ML changes. Imho it was very reliable with the advanced bracketing and should come  back to mainline.
The modules run on the slave, its actually pretty complex to port ADTG gui to the master.
You can read/write small amounts of data to the master through canon provided mechanisms. Enough for headphone/fps/a few regs. Taking over canon functions ie to do GDB or register logging needs our own code running there.
Yep, pretty much, you won't be able to sign it unless you independently figure out the encryption. But 99% sure you have to figure it out for 50D/5DII before it works on the 7D.

Slave debugging will get you nowhere. Dual_ISO for photo on the 7D is on the master.

has all the addresses, you probably won't be able to do master side on 7D since it has to be a SIGNED bin... ie a fir

copy the 50D addresses to whatever ML you are compiling and get rid of whats there. the modules only work for one camera at a time.

dmiligan's suggestion is good too if the address shows up there. I haven't tried to use it for iso regs on non display state cameras.
The GDB in ML makes logs, you don't need to connect to it from the PC side.

On 7D, set up code in the 7D master branch (there are skeletons in there for other regs), sign a bin so it runs.

On 50D, just compile GDB=Y and use the ADTG_LOG module. I have the addresses in my repo where all the functions are. Uncomment whatever the ones you need.

The reg on 50D should show up in the logs pretty quickly, ISO value matches photo mode values. Changing it did nothing so you need to find a completely new method to dual ISO or see what is going on.  I also posted it to the forum before or its in some old commits.
so if you want your camera working you have to compile your own autoexec.bin that turns off asserts, info is right on the forum if you search.
yea, you had to log them with GDB. I did like 2 or 3 cameras the same way. 50D didn't have the changing regs just 1 reg which did not produce what you wanted if changed. 7D is very much like 50D, same display filter method, etc. the chance for this working is like 20%. logging on the master would prove it completely

the only real hope would be finding other regs for dual ISO that directly configure the digic/sensor. 50D or 5DII would be waay easier to work on since they are single proc.

Where did you find the addresses in 550D rom? I thought these all had to be logged. 50D and 5DII don't have changing regs for LV iso. g3gg0 logged the photo regs on the master proc. SO the question is, did he ever find changing LV iso regs. And finally 550D has display state? 7D/50D/5DII does not.
Quote154:   169.286 [STARTUP] ERROR ASSERT : DevelopCombination.c, Task = RscMgr
    155:   169.380 [STARTUP] ERROR ASSERT : Line 108
    156:   169.443 [STARTUP] ERROR ASSERT : FALSE

Maybe ram chips failed or have cold solders.

Looks like more people are having the same problem here:;topicseen#msg131134

especially after getting their 60D wet.

seems the next thing to try is starting with asserts disabled and reset camera settings?