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Hi everyone.

I shoot quite a bit with anamorphic and although ML has the anamorphic preview feature, I don't use it because it renders focus peaking unusable and also because of the loss of frames. I also use a field monitor quite often on bigger shoots for the client/director/producer etc to be able to see what's being shot and they seem to find it difficult to grasp the 2x stretch and imagine what the de-stretched footage is going to look like.

So my question is, is there a way of processing the HDMI signal that comes out of the camera, change the pixel aspect ratio of it via a box/processor of some sorts, and then send it to the monitor? Or would it be easier to do this after converting the signal to analog? (my monitor has a YPbPr input) Note that I would like to achieve this while still keeping my setup as mobile as possible. I am aware that there are signal processing racks, but their size and price rules them out for me.

Any thoughts and advice would be much appreciated. I am not very well-versed about digital or analog signals at all, so please excuse my ignorance if all of this is impossible in principle, or is just total nonsense   :)

MGerard, what is the difference between the 50 and 70 files you have created? Are they just the Mbps?