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A Image 1 ISO 100
B Image 2 ISO 800
C Image 3 ISO 100
D Image 4 ISO 800
E Image 5 ISO 100
F Image 6 ISO 800

I think what is lacking is a software that produces not just blended images of A and B then C and D, but:

Currently the software does:

New Image 1: A+B
New Image 2: C+D
New Image 3: E+F

This halfs the framerate. What we need is:

Image 1: A+B
Image 2: B+C
Image 3: C+D
Image 4: D+E
Image 5: E+F

As you see we loose only ONE TOTAL Image per Stream, and i guess there is a better blending in between. So in result, the mentioned possibility to overlay the same video with one image shifted, seems to be the best approach, unless there is a special software, that does even more clever in between blending.

Perfect workflow I imagine would be to use Dual Iso with Raw recording, then combine by a script A+B B+C in 14 Bit a.s.o.  as new HDR images and then go on from there i.e. with Resolve.

Camera-specific Development / Re: EOSM-Updated ML for 2.02 firmware
« on: April 13, 2014, 09:35:33 AM »
I had the exactly same experience than Indiejack. Formattet card, evan made it bootable to make sure... copied all the files and then startetd the update process. A short flash shows up, then the screen gets dark and the light keeps flashing forever. Exact the same thing as described two posts before. Tried also several times. Since today appeared a new version of the nightly builds for EOS M a hoped that the problem ist fixed, butwith Version 2014Apr13.EOSM202  it is exactly the same as Version 2014Apr09.EOSM202.

Since I guess that your Versions are at least once testet before published, i was thinking my SD Card might have a problem (I use a 2 GB card) but installing a fresh 202 Version from Canon works well. If anybody would have an idea, I would be very thankful. To be totally honest. I bought my Canon EOS M purely for  the reason I read that it is possible to do RAW recording with magic lantern with it. Of course I want to get it going. I like to make living photography, so I only need a few seconds of video in Web Size (Full HD not needed really) always from a tripod, no camera movement, no sound (so all the weaknesses of the camera do not really count), but every single image as crisp as possible. The Canon EOS M is perfekt for this purpose and a small budget.

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