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Yes this why I try firs to denoise with the original CR2 dual iso file then export in DNG in LR and finally export with cr2hdr. In this way I can denoise but cr2hdr can't convert dual iso. But maybe cr2hdr can be coded to be able to conver an DNG Prime denoise dual iso file?
Hi Everyone,

I am would like to use Prime noise reduction from DxO software with dual iso.CR2. I try prime reduction in DxO>export to Lightroom (with the pluging) in .DNG file>Export in Lightroom plugin cr2hdr v3.0 BETA3.
I have the following message: AglmportSession.addOnePhotoToLibrary: failed to import photo.
Is someone know if it could be possible to use that workflow to denois dual iso; I'm on 7D + canon 400mm f.4 and even with 100/800 dual iso, sometimes is very noisy, it would be great to be able to use Prime programme.

Thank you in advance and sorry for my poor English.
Sorry guys to answer so late I was very busy this week. Thank you garry for consider my request. Enjoy your trip don't worry is not so urgent is to test the differences between ceronois, PS & photmatix pro. Tell me with which website I can share my pictures.
Thank you poromaa for your advice. As you say, the area where is the artefact is an over-exposed area in all pictures. So to correctly use ceronoise, all part of the pictures have to be balance at least in one of all the iage sequence?
Hi Garry23,

First, thank you very much for your tutorial it is very helpful for noobys like me.
I made all the steps you explained but I still have one major problem with a lot of chromatic aberrations in my final picture even ordering carefully all my pictures from the darkest to the brightest:

You can find the 5 CR2 files here:

What do you think I should do?

Hi a1ex,

Effectively it was a problem of ImageMagic, the first time I didn't pick all the options.
But (unfortunately) now at the end of the installation I have this error message:
unable to execute file: ppm
shellExecuteEx failed; code 2.
The file specified cannot be found
But at the end a dialog says the installation is done. I can run '' but my picture is very strange.
So I don't know if it has something to do with the error message or if I have to change the parameters of '' (I suppose it is still a problem with Image Magic).

Thank you again.
Hi again, maybe I have found something but I still have troubles.
My ms-dos starts automatically with C:\Users\Sebastian. So I put all files in this directory and afterward I get this new error message:
Temperature=5500 –green=1
'convert' is not recognized as internal or external command
Before I moved the files to this directory the script also created empty jpg and tmp folders in C:\Users\Sebastian.
I hope that could help understand my problem (or maybe not)
Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you for this amazing software and more generally for magic lantern.
I realize each step described in Reply #84 by a1ex (each version of each software), but I have the same problem that cineNoisis. When I launch the program  two folders are created (jpg and tmp) but they are empty.
I have tried several paths but none works.

I have the following message:
Warning could not creat output dir 'jpg'
Warning could not creat output dir 'tmp'
Traceback>most recent call last<:File "C:\expotest\", line 251, in <module>
Files= sorted4<os.listdir<raw_dir<<
WindowsError: [Error 3]the specific path can not be find 'raw/*.*'

I also try to patch ufraw but I have the following error message:
File "F:\expotest\"
Experimental<read:hackish>support 32-bit floating point DNGs
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I use windows 8.1 pro x64
I am sorry but I am not familiar with coding, so any help will be welcome

I have my one respond:''The beauty of this process is that it is conserving much of the original data contained in the RAW files.  If you compress this video to other formats like mpeg1 you will lose all of the great details provided by RAW video recording.''

thank you

I would like to know if we loose quality converting png or tif images in an avi file.

Thank you