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Thank you Dmytro_ua!

Whoa, after hours of experimenting, I was able to get the 4K raw video recording; lossless compression build working. Was able to get continuous recording at: 12 bit lossless; resolution of 3072 x 1320; 24fps; aspect ratio 16:9. That was the highest frame rate and resolution was able to get and achieve continuous recording.

And now, you're ready to try Danne's anamorphic mode:
- anamorphic presets so it now gives continuous:
1808x2300(2:35.1) = 5425 x 2300
1360x2300(16:9)    = 4080 x 2300

Which build do you recommend for compressed lossless 14-bit?

At first, start with  Module name: 4K raw video recording; lossless compression  Latest Build (2018-07-22 13:09)
When you'll have got used to it, then you can try a modified version by Danne from here:

He got a card maxing out at around 80 MByte/s so he has a point.

It's the fastest Lexar CF. There is enough for 1920x1080 at 29.97fps continuous  14-bit lossless.

Lexar 1066x Speed Rating:
Max. Read Speed 160 MB/s
Max. Write Speed 155 MB/s

Get a faster card so I can shoot 14 bit at 1920x1080 at 29.97fps continuous (I got ripped off with my Lexar 1066x apparently, in terms of write speed). I belief any extra resolution will help. In meantime, I'll experiment with the 12-bit suggestion you have.

You don't need a faster card as there's a limit in a camera CF bus speed.
You're missing a lot not using a compressed lossless 14-bit. You can record 1920x1080 at 29.97fps continuous with a fullcolored realtime preview + proxy video to SD card (to have a preview in a camera). It's a regular Canon's video + ML RAW.
If you don't need proxies, you can get ML with higher resolution or higher FPS (up to 60 fps - 1920x800 but preview is a little broken).

All this will work with your current Lexar 1066x card

Why don't you use a 14bit lossless? You can go much higher resolution with it.
The build is in an Experimental branch but it works without any issues.

Share Your Videos / Re: Golden Hour Canon 7D RAW
« on: September 06, 2019, 10:31:21 AM »
Nice, but too dark for my taste

After installing 16 ver I regularly get the Out Of Memory errors. The 16th ver doesn't choose a dedicated Graphic Card by default, so you should go to properties and set it manually.

Just to show it is possible

The first one looks much better. In the second one I don't like the transition between the main skin color and a green tint on the right side.

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: Raw DNG files from premiere pro to AE
« on: August 13, 2019, 10:12:18 PM »
AE is very slow, hardware demanding and is not really designed for color correction. If you need a great color grading tool - start to discover Davinci Resolve. It has great tools, masking, tracking, stabilizing, composing and other tools. A free version has almost everything you need. Also really fast export in comparison to AE.

Danne, is there a possibility to add this "experimental" preset button to 5d3 branch?

General Chat / Re: BMPCC 4K
« on: August 04, 2019, 11:09:45 AM »
I'm interested into a comparison between 5D3+ML vs BMPCC4K in video-only territory.

Don't forget about Silent Pic Mode for timelapses. (Stills for video)  ;)

General Chat / Re: BMPCC 4K
« on: August 04, 2019, 10:27:22 AM »
Is there any other advantage of having full frame?

I'm not sure about your questions as I don't have BMPCC4K.
But the main difference is that you get a great professional camera (5d3) not only for video, but also for stills.

Your highlights got pink

I'm not going to buy Ronin SC. S version is more versatile for me. As far, as I use heavy mirror camera with zoom lenses - SC version won't let you balance such a set up properly. This is the main reason.
The other one is - I'm a little disappointed in DJI company and their marketing overall, as they actually abandoned the development of Ronin S (the new product which is less than a year in production, maybe even a half of the year because we don't have firmware updates for 5 months already), and jumped into a new SC version. They've implemented all features we were discussing on forum for Ronin S. So, they actually used all the ideas and user proposals and put it into a new less premium product. Left us with a buggy and half working/or not working functions (for some promised cameras).
The same thing about accessories  - for now we only had promises, but now I already see promises for a lot of accessories coming for new SC model, and nothing for S model. Seems like it can stay as empty words, and no real support in future.

Once you run the script you are free to change anything after.

So, what the script is actually doing? Can I do the same manually from ML menu?
I'm just curious, it would be nice to read some description of it. But if you're busy, don't bother ;)

Why not test it? It sets optimised settings for anamorpic 2.39:1 recordings.

I did try. But I shoot mostly with 2.35:1, so I want to be sure, if I change 2.39 to 2.35, I won't mess anything else.

Hi, Danne!

I'm sorry, maybe it was mentioned before, but I cannot find an information about what your lua script exactly do? I mean step-by-step

what is "the original shot"?

It's like in ACR. Sometimes you do a subtle correction and it's nice to see before/after. In Adobe Camera Raw it is a "P" key.

you can use the shortcuts: Ctrl+C (activate all checkboxes), Ctrl+Alt+R for the default, and then again Ctrl+V for the final.

Not a one key, but can do the trick. Thanks, will try ;)

Is there a way to compare before and after editing? Smth like bypass editing to show the original shot?

I can get a EOS RP for the same price as a used 5D3

I'm still on 5dIII, but you're right that it's much better to get a newer system R or RP as it has more potential and power! If there is a ML for EOS R, I would switch to that system without hesitation.

I've tried your latest build with 2:35.1 10bit lossless 25fps (i've got 1720x2200 px).
When I enable proxy - it's stretched and cropped. I understand, that it's somehow made from 1x3 proportions, that's why it's not usable. So, I assume, aren't these two processes independent (MLV and proxy)? Can't we somehow use nice proxies from Alex's build 1920 (3x3) with your 1x3 raw 1720x2200 px?

Is it possible to enable proxy recording from 1920 3x3 preset?

And "correct" is subjective to the colorist.

"Correct" - I mean at least set by a neutral grey card. At that point such video can be graded to any style. But almost impossible vice versa.
But you can do whatever you want.

Not totally true. In smaller production houses, if the same person responsible for converting the raw also edits/colors the video then yeah, that can happen. But in larger production houses where those positions are done by different people then no. No one touches color, including WB, before the colorists which is typically after editing and the media is already in a 10 bit ProRes/DNxHD(R)/MXF file.

Professionals are making so much effort in every aspect: light, brightness, color balance, test charts, etc - before they even turn on the camera. Then WB is set into camera. Thats why it is already neutral and absolutely correct.
If they shoot RAW, believe me, no one will mess the colors

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