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Thank you for your answer Walter.
So it looks like all i have to do is to put nighty on my SD and done !
Good news !  ;D
Hi all. First message here :)

I had ML on my 550D for some times, and i was extremly happy with it.
Then i moved to a 6D one year ago, totally frustrated of not using ML anymore.

I was patient to wait for an official stable version of ML including 6D, but as you know, for few months, the alpha/nighty ML version allow us to record RAWs, and because of that, i'm not that patient anymore :)

The problem is, it is hard for new (alpha) peoples to find what is the actual installing process of the actual version of ML for the 6D. Probably because with time it changed a lot.

I've seen a video of a guy starting from Firmware 1.1.3 installing 1.1.2 then ML for 1.1.2 then installing back 1.1.3 then making a bootable SD and putting alpha ML for 1.1.3 on it then done.

But actually all i can find is a "nighty" version, but no "alpha" version. And if i watch in the archive, it looks like i don't need to do the 1.1.2 steps.

I'm actually under  1.1.3 firmware and i would like to know if i'm correct in my steps for the actual version :
0- No need to go back to 1.1.2
1- Make my SD card bootable
2- Put Nighty version for 6D on it (because there is no actual "alpha" version avalaible for 6D)
3 - Update the 6D with the ML on the card
4 - Win an Oscar with my RAW movie

Thank you for your time.