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Quote from: nanomad on April 23, 2014, 05:34:06 PM
IIRC You need to set Image review to "HOLD" from canon menu, overlays will then appear after taking a picture. If in doubt, make sure to clear the old ML config you have on the camera then go through ML menus to check how to enable them (the help text should guide you)

Thanks for the response.
I set the settings correctly, the global drawings show up after taking a photo, there's nothing wrong with that, but there's no way to retrigger draws after dismissing the quick review to check clippings, focus etc.
I used to be able to trigger it by holding play button whenever reviewing a photo in play mode, at any zoom level, not just after taking it.
Now nothing triggers when I hold play button, it just returns to main screen.
I hope I am clear, if not I can clear it up even more.
I would gladly stay on the older version, but then I would have to give up on quick erase and a few other feature that is fixed on new versions.
Hi, I had the first alpha ML on 650d and updated it to the latest nightly today (Nightly.2014.Apr23.650D104),
but it seems to me that I can't get global drawings to work on play mode by holding play button anymore. Am I doing something wrong?