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Scripting Corner / Re: MUlti Shot Image Capture script
« on: February 03, 2021, 03:36:01 PM »
As hinted at above: a post on MUSIC's new Use Case 9:

Scripting Corner / Re: MUlti Shot Image Capture script
« on: February 03, 2021, 01:04:38 PM »
I've just added a new use case to MUSIC, that I personally find useful.

The use case is taking a 'perfect' exposure bracket set from a shadow-set shutter.

I use the ML spotmeter in Ev mode to ensure the exposure in the shadow area of interest is OK.

I would normally then go to ML's advanced bracketing and set up for a 0 + ++ shot using Auto capture, which will take as many brackets as required, at the delta Ev I requested, until the 'ETTR' shutter has been reached/exceeded.

The 'downside' of using this approach is that I need to trawl through the ML screen to set things up and I can't get auto bookends, ie I would need to take an image of my hand, say, before I set ML's AB and then switch off AB to take another image of my hand.

Hence MUSIC Use Case 9.

The UC9 menu looks like this:

VRAM11" border="0

You can: set the required delta EV (1-4); request bookends or not, ie a dark frame either end of your bracket sequence; request a delay; you can switch on MUSIC's quick access mode, which will allow you to repeating run UC9 my simply doing a long press of the trigger button, eg SET on my 5D3 and 1-finger-press on my EOSM.

UC9 was a bit of a scripting challenge for me, so I'll say a few words here (but not on my blog) about how I 'hacked' things.

The two issues are how to make taking a bookend work with ML's script triggered Advanced Bracketing, and pausing the script  until AB has finished, then switch it off in the ML menu, ready for a bookend capture.

My (hacked) solution is that, if taking a front-end bookend, I wait until the card has registered it has captured the bookend. I then initiate AB and set an infinite loop to watch to see when AB has finished, using the fact that AB completes in play/review mode.

I'm sure the code gurus are pulling their hair out reading about my clumsy scripting: but it works  :)

BTW here is the relevant code snippet:

Code: [Select]
if use_case == 9 then -- exposure bracket from shadows-set shutter to an AB 'ETTR' shutter
local check = 0

if MUSIC_menu.submenu["Bookends?"].value == "yes" then
check = dryos.shooting_card.file_number
Bookends() -- insert bookend
repeat msleep(50) until dryos.shooting_card.file_number ~= check -- bookend captured, safe to start AB capture with correct shutter value
check = 0

msleep(MUSIC_menu.submenu["Delay"].value * 1000) -- user delay if requested

menu.set("Shoot","Advanced Bracket",1) -- set up ML AB for a shadows to 'ETTR' AB capture
menu.set("Advanced Bracket","Bracket type","Exposure (Tv,Ae)")
menu.set("Advanced Bracket","Frames","Autodetect")
menu.set("Advanced Bracket","EV increment",tostring(MUSIC_menu.submenu["Ev delta"].value).." EV")
menu.set("Advanced Bracket","Sequence","0 - --")

my_shoot() -- trigger advanced/auto bracketing

while true do -- wait until auto bracketing is finished: a bit hackish but works and slows you down :-)
if then
check = dryos.shooting_card.file_number
sleep(2) -- there is a very small probability this time may not work, but a low prob I think
if then -- still in play mode, so check if AB is finished
if dryos.shooting_card.file_number == check then break end
check = 0

menu.set("Shoot","Advanced Bracket",0) -- finished with AB -- HS press to return to ML LV mode, ie from AB review screen, as AB finishes in review mode :-(

repeat lv.resume() until lv.running -- just in case

Bookends() -- check if bookend needed = t_base
tidy_up() -- and exit use case 9 capture

Cheers, and stay safe and away from stupidity


General Help Q&A / Re: Hollyland Mars X help
« on: February 02, 2021, 05:52:52 PM »
Ok, I’ve convinced myself that, like some other Canon cams, the EOSM’s HDMI output is interlaced and not progressive like, say, the 5D3.


I thought some may be interested in my latest post on using the Hollyland Mars X from a 5D3 photographer's perspective:

General Help Q&A / Re: Hollyland Mars X help
« on: February 02, 2021, 08:31:31 AM »
Can someone in the know confirm that the HDMI out on the EOS M is p rather than i

I’ve looked in the manual and all it says is 1080.

Thanks in anticipation.

General Help Q&A / Re: Hollyland Mars X help
« on: February 01, 2021, 08:20:20 PM »
The Mars X says it is connecting at 1080p24 on the 5D3 and all is OK :-)

It’s that little EOSM bugger that’s annoying me ;-(

General Help Q&A / Re: Hollyland Mars X help
« on: February 01, 2021, 07:29:40 PM »
Bhphotovideo site says this

Compatible cameras include the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 5D Mark IV, 6D Mark II, EOS RP, and Canon pro camcorders and consumer camcorders; Sony a6600 series, a7 series, and a9 series cameras; Panasonic Lumix mirrorless cameras; FUJIFILM X series mirrorless cameras; and Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras. Note that the Mars X Transmitter is not compatible with cameras that record only interlaced video, such as the Canon 6D, 60D, 5D2, 80D, and 90D.

General Help Q&A / Re: Hollyland Mars X help
« on: February 01, 2021, 07:24:04 PM »
Sorry, been doing a bit of testing.

Tried 5D3 with two different cables to connect Cam to the Max X unit. 

Max X connects at 1080p24.

Tried cables on my EOS M to a monitor, and the HDMI out of the cam comes through ok, with or without ML being loaded, ie SET pressed at start up.

General Help Q&A / Hollyland Mars X help
« on: February 01, 2021, 06:47:05 PM »
I’ve just got myself a Hollyland Mars X HDMI wireless transmitter to use with my photography, ie not videography, ie as an experiment, having convinced myself it will work.

The use case is mainly with my 5D3 and composing the scene and controlling the camera, Canon and ML side, when the camera is low, on the ground or LV is not easily viewable. All the time using my iPad or iPhone as a wireless monitor, ie rather than the  camera’s LV.

After a few hours playing with it, it does indeed seem to work on the 5D3, and I’ll write up and report on my experiences as soon as I can.

The device connects at 1080p24, ie as shown on the Mars X unit.

My problem is I can’t seem to get the EOS M to be recognised by the Mars X unit.

I’ve tried forcing HDMI in ML, ie on and off, and I’ve set the EOS M to 24 FPS.

Remember I’m in photo mode in this use case.

Can any of the video gurus suggest what I might be doing wrong, ie so that the Mars X works on the 5D3 but not the EOS M. 

Maybe, sadly, it simply doesn’t work with the EOS M :-(



Forum and Website / Re: Magic Lantern Glossary: v0.8 ready for review
« on: January 30, 2021, 09:29:41 PM »
Only one person at a time can edit.

As I found out today.

I’ll wait awhile and then add anything I can.

I’ll stop using  ;) :) in the future.

Over and out.

Maybe better to change the silent dng/mlv code so it works the same as when recording with mlv_lite?

Please don’t break the silent module for us humble photographers  :) ;)

If someone is going to look at the silent module, then maybe a chance to tweak a few things, eg get EXIF working and the ability to change image file name via Lua  ;)

Scripting Corner / Re: Simulated Q Button for EOSM
« on: January 29, 2021, 11:35:09 AM »

I think I see what you are saying and, of course, that post is old.

I personally would now not call inside the key event handler.

Instead I would set a flag and call in, say, the shoot_task event handler, as I do in my MUSIC script,

Scripting Corner / Re: Simulated Q Button for EOSM
« on: January 28, 2021, 06:54:10 PM »

As that post was originated by me, but tweaked by @a1ex I’ll restrict my comment to within my ignorance.

I thought variables listed in a function call were defined as local.

But, I’m most probably wrong, as my ignorance continues to grow as a learn more about Lua 😀

Other experimental builds / Re: Latest Lua updates + fixes
« on: January 28, 2021, 01:50:51 PM »

That version is the one I've been running my MUSIC developments on and apart from the Expo Sim bug (reported to @a1ex;topicseen#msg233664), things look far  ;)

Scripting Corner / Re: MUlti Shot Image Capture script
« on: January 28, 2021, 01:44:29 PM »
In today's post about MUSIC I'm pleased to discuss/demonstrate use case 7, ie silent FRSP bracketing; which is a tool I use in, say, cathedrals/churches or anywhere camera noise would be unacceptable.

Scripting Corner / Re: MUlti Shot Image Capture script
« on: January 26, 2021, 01:22:49 PM »
In addition to flagging that I've tweaked MUSIC to make the Quick Access (QA) more robust and fixing a couple of bugs, I'm going to highlight a few things that will need changing as you use MUSIC on different cameras.

But first, a big 'hats off' to the ML developers, especially a1ex.


Because trying to get a piece of code/script running on different cameras is a nightmare!

Although I'm only trying to get things running on a EOS 5D3 and an M. I'm sure I would go insane if I was trying to get one of my scripts running on every camera that can run ML.

Some of the reasons why it's difficult to ensure code/scripts are cross platform compatible are:
* Not all cameras have the same buttons/keys
* Some cameras have touch screens some don't
* Not all cameras respond identically to Lua commands, eg setting ISO seems to be different on my 5D3 compared to my M, ie on my 5D3 is I ask for ISO 800 in Lua, I get that, on my my M I get a sightly different ISO, eg 1000.

So, as I say, kudos to all the main developers.

Now a word on the EOS M and tweaking my MUSIC script for your camera.

On the 5D3 MUSIC script I recommend setting double half shutter as the ETTR trigger, then setting the QA button to SET, and the hand held use case (ISO invariance) ISO trigger to 1600.

Whereas on the EOS M MUSIC script I recommend setting SET as the ETTR trigger, then setting the QA button as one finger touch, and the hand held (ISO invariance) ISO trigger at 800 (although you will likely get 1000).

On other cameras you will need to explore the options yourself. I've added comments in the script (at the beginning) to help you adjust script settings for your camera.

Bottom line: I realise that I'm likely the only lucky person on the planet using MUSIC and DOFIS :-) :-)

However, as I have said elsewhere, I write my scripts for myself, but openly share my work/thoughts/pain!

Bottom-Bottom line: stay safe and away from the mutating pestilence and ever increasing stupidity in the World!

General Development / Re: ML UI rationalization
« on: January 25, 2021, 11:53:17 PM »
Looks like I can't switch off the ML owned long SET press on the EOSM, so I've moved to using the touch feature on the EOSM.

General Development / Re: ML UI rationalization
« on: January 25, 2021, 07:32:44 PM »
I’ve just got another ‘new’ EOSM and am setting it up with the lates Lua fix.

Tested my DOFIS and MUSIC scripts, all ok.

But I can’t turn off the long SET simulated Q feature, that I thought was in the junkie menu, that I can’t find.

I need access to the SET, as my script uses a long press here, that I need to control.

Can anyone suggest how to switch off the long SET Q in the EOSM.



Scripting Q&A / Re: Full shutter press and event handler
« on: January 25, 2021, 03:53:01 PM »
Yeah, we are building the bridge while crossing it.


Scripting Q&A / Re: Full shutter press and event handler
« on: January 25, 2021, 03:30:37 PM »
All the above potentially suggests the need for a 'new' taxonomy ?

We have those that focus on: Video; those on photography; those on Lua; and the cross-interest ML core developers.

Beyond my pay grade to sort out ;-) :-)

Scripting Corner / Re: MUlti Shot Image Capture script
« on: January 25, 2021, 03:26:43 PM »
Another use case added: this time a Zero Noise bracketing scheme:

Scripting Q&A / Re: Full shutter press and event handler
« on: January 25, 2021, 12:50:38 PM »

I’m content I can hand hold bracket from LV, ie my MUSIC script does this for me.  That is the image to image delay is not an issue.

BTW I’m just about to uplift MUSIC with a new use case, ie zero noise bracketing, which I find a great strategy, ie base shutter & base shutter + 4Ev.



Scripting Q&A / Re: Full shutter press and event handler
« on: January 25, 2021, 12:38:50 PM »

If that's the case, bad news - it can't be done easily

I thought you might say that  ;) :)

As for the use case it is being able to use Lua to moderate normal shutter action outside of LV. That is the feature would allow the user to intercept the ‘normal’ shutter and use Lua to then control image capture, eg bracketing etc.

There are many times I wish to handhold bracketing, but looking through the optical viewfinder, ie not LV, especially on a 5D3 in bright sunlight.

Scripting Q&A / Re: Full shutter press and event handler
« on: January 25, 2021, 12:33:05 PM »

Good point and I’ll try and remember to do this in the future ;-)

Regarding my Lua scripting, as you know I script for myself, but freely share on this forum for others to use as they see fit.

I have no idea if others are using Lua like I do, ie to help with photography. I see a lot of video stuff, but not that much photography related discussion.

As I’ve said before, I think Lua scripting is the star in ML.

Cheers and stay away from the (mutating) pestilence and (increasing) stupidity in the world


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