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I'm not sure if this is the right part of the forum or not. If not, please move to the right place!

So.. I was using my Canon EOS 50D for shooting photos for 4 years now, with Magic Lantern.
2 Weeks ago, my camera was stuck on a Error which is expensive to repair, so I bought another used 50D from a photo store for 150€. The camera looks nearly new and shutter count is only 10.000.

I have 2 problems with this 50D, and I'm not sure if the problem is the 50D itself, or just a setting problem, or maybe because this 50D does not have Magic Lantern.
My old 50D had Magic Lantern and it was perfect, the "new" (but used) 50D does not have Magic Lantern installed.

So here are my 2 problems.

Problem 1 (and this is the big problem):
90% of the time, the LiveView shows exactly what the photo will be looking like.
But in 10% of the time, the LiveView shoes a much much different lightning.
For example:
I use the LiveView to set my brightness (aperture, exposure time, ISO), then I switch to Viewfinder, make some photos using Viewfinder, and look at the photos if everything is right.
In 10% of the time, I see a super bright view in the LiveView, but the photo is very very dark.
I have set all settings to the same as my old 50D, so I can not explain it to myself, why this happens.
Does anybody has a idea?!
Does Magic Lantern has something to do with a better LiveView?! But I also have one of these cheap 1200D (a very basic Canon DSLR), and even this camera always shoes the exact image in LiveView, and it also does not have Magic Lantern installed.

Problem 2:
Sometime I try to make a photo, but the shutter does not make the photo. It doesn't even focus.
First, I thought it's a focus problem.
But know I have the idea, that maybe just the shutter button doesn't work as easy as my old one and maybe I need try to press it harder.
I definitely need to test this first.
But my question is, does Magic Lantern has a function that let the camera focus better?

Sorry that my english is not the best, I'm from Germany.

I'm very thankful for every help!
Appreciate every tip.



Post-processing Workflow / 360° VR Videos ?!
« on: February 02, 2016, 06:39:33 PM »
I have just realised that there is a video rig that allows to make these cool 360° videos you see on facebook since some months, using two GoPros. I mean the ones you can move around with your mouse while it plays.

This video rig uses two GoPros with 194° fisheye lens on.

As far as I'm not big fan of GoPros, and also don't have any GoPros, but have two DSLRs laying around..I ask myself if it's possible to build a rig like this, with two DSLRs (+ fisheye adapters on 18mm kit-lens) instead of GoPros?

I would use a 1100D and a 1200D (also have 50D) both with 18mm kit lens and maybe a x0.45 adapter/converter like this here?

Note: For video, not for photos. :)

Any suggestions? ideas?
Thanks! :)

Post-processing Workflow / davinci resolve + premiere pro workflow?
« on: July 28, 2015, 03:26:54 AM »

I'm working with 50D CDNG files.
Right now I'm:
-record files using 50D RAW-REC (not MLV)
-convert to CDNG 16bit, via rawcdng 1.5.0.BETA6
-color grading in Davinci Resolve Light (simple grading, using LUTs and some basic corrections)
-exporting in H.264
-importing in Premiere Pro
-color correction 2, and cutting in Premiere Pro
-exporting in H.264 and upload to youtube via browser

I'm mostly working on low budget music videos (for Youtube), that should look high quality!
Means I don't have much time for color correction, LUTs are great for this, and H.264 output is simple and fast to edit.

BUT on my final files, I don't see this great RAW-Video detailed quality. I think the problem is the step: H.264 export from Davinci.
So what is the best export format from resolve, for final grading&cutting the files in Premiere Pro?
Is there a way to have great quality, but still small files and fast export?
I think I don't wanna work with proxy files, like I said I don't have much time for editing.

So I need a simple, fast workflow, that still means high quality.   ::)

Hope somebody can help me. Thanks! :)

Post-processing Workflow / Sharp Videos (Vimeo)
« on: December 06, 2014, 09:00:42 PM »
Hi everyone!
I'm shooting video on Canon DSLR for 2 or 3 years now, and with Magic Lantern something around 6 months.
I get really nice videos using RAW video. But I'm wondering how some people on Vimeo get a overall sharp picture without any depth of field.

I'm mostly shooting with a Canon 50mm 1.8.
I would have to set aperture on something like F20 to get a look like that. But then I would have to set ISO so high that I would have a noisy picture, even if I set length of exposure to 1/25 (I'm usually shootin on 1/50).

Here some videos I'm talkin about:

especially 0-20sec.
Not a valid vimeo URL
especially 20-30sec.
Not a valid vimeo URL

Here is my equipment:
-Canon EOS 50D
-Canon EOS 1100D
-Canon EF 50mm 1.8
-Canon EF 18-55mm (standard kit lens)
-RMC Tokina  28mm  2.8 (m42 lens with adapter)
and tripod, steadycam, different video lights, etc...

Any tips?

Raw Video / RAW video + Photoshop Actions? Possible?
« on: September 07, 2014, 11:19:39 PM »
Hello everybody.
Is there any chance to work with Photoshop and Photoshop Actions, when editing Magic Lantern RAW video files?
I imported my DNG files into photoshop, edited them with Adobe Camera Raw, and exported as TIF.

Now I would like to:
-import them into Photoshop (not Adobe Camera Raw)
-Set any Photoshop Action
-export them (as TIF or JPEG or whatever)

But automatically, without having to import and export each frame after frame!
Is there any workflow, or is it impossible?

Thanks for all answers!

I have a problem using the Osiris LUTs by VisionColor.
I used Osiris LUTs many times with standard H.264 videos, mostly the M31 LUT. But since I got my Canon 50D and DaVinci Resolve, I can not work with these LUTs anymore, because they doesn't look good anymore (noisy+too much contrast). I think I do something wrong in my workflow.

So here is my workflow:

-Shooting video on Canon EOS 50D in RAW-Video, not MLV! (using KomputerBay CF 64GB 1050x, resolution:1568x882, 24fps)
-Converting .RAW files via rawcdng 1.5.0.BETA6 (CDNG 16bit, nothing else selected)
-importing folders including .dng files into DaVinci Resolve 11 LITE (on Windows 7 64bit)
-DaVinci Resolve Camera Raw Master Settings: Decode using: Clip / Color space: BMD Film / Gamme: BMD Film
-DaVinci Resolve Settings->Lookup Tables: 3D Input Lookup Table = BMDFilm to VisionLOG-RAW 3D LUT_64
-DaVinci Resolve Settings->Lookup Tables: 3D Output Lookup Table = M31 (LOG)

Even with good lighting setup, my video files get too much noise, plus the video files have too much contrast and saturation. Looks like I would have applied the LUT 3 times over the video or something like that.
I hope somebody can help me, so I can work with my soo much loved VisionColor Osiris LUTs, like back in the days where I was shooting H.264  :)

PS: Magic Lantern RAW videos are 14bit, right? So why does rawcdng just have 12bit or 16bit output?

Post-processing Workflow / Too much contrast on MacBook ?!
« on: July 21, 2014, 05:44:56 PM »
So I received my 50D some days ago and I'm very happy - dope quality!
But..I have a contrast problem with my converted .mov (h.264) files.
I'm editing on a PC using Davinci Resolve Lite, exported to .mov it looks good in VLC and Win MediaPlayer. BUT: when I open the files on my MacBook, the files have sooo much more contrast.

Here is my workflow:
-Recorded on my 50D (RAW, not MLV), using a Komputerbay 64GB 1050x
-use raw2cdng (1.5.0. beta6) settings: CDNG16bit, no other options clicked.
-import files into Davinci Resolve 11 Lite, in Camera Raw changed to:
Decode using: Clip
Color Space: BMD Film
Gamma: BMD Film
-Render Settings: QuickTime, Codec: H.264

Opened the files on some devices:
-Windows PC (where I edit): looks very good!
-Windows Notebook: looks still good!
-MacBook: looks bad, soo much more contrast! (QuickTime Player, VLC - same problem)
-iPad: More contrast then on my WinPC, but less then on MacBook. Looks OK, but still very different compared to PC!

So...somebody can tell me what I do wrong? I edit videos since some years, I know the MacBook display is a little bit different, but not that much different. Maybe it's something with the Codec?

Thanks for any help!!

Duplicate Questions / DSLR for Music Videos - 50D?
« on: May 26, 2014, 03:23:38 AM »

I'm searching for a very low budget DSLR that can record RAW videos, for music video production (released only on youtube). I looked around and compared some videos on vimeo. I think the 50D is the right one for me, it shoots videos in 1584x894 continous, and is really cheap.
But now I have a question. I actually shoot videos with different Canon DSLRs (without magic lantern!), and I know it stops after you recorded 4GB file. That was no problem for me, because 4GB is enough to record 3-4minutes (=length of a music video). But when I shoot in RAW, I read that it needs 4GB for 1minute!
So that's a problem. Is there any hack so it can split RAW video files, so I can record continous 3-4minutes?

Have already searched the forum, but did not really found a answer.

Thanks for any help!
...and sorry for my english, I'm from Germany.

Raw Video / Raw video on 1100D ?
« on: January 18, 2014, 01:40:12 PM »

I installed different Magic Lantern firmwares on my 1100D, and also tried different modules, but I always get errors.
The firmware itself works, but not the module.
Is there any file out there thats working on the 1100D?
I'm just wondering, because the camera is on the list of working cameras:

And I also seen many videos on youtube etc. out there that says "1100D raw video test" and so on.

Maybe someone can help me. Thanks!

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