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Archived porting threads / Re: Latest & greatest 7D-build on a Mac
« on: January 16, 2014, 11:42:08 PM »
Hi all,

I've just installed the latest and greatest 7D-build on my camera, using my MacBook. As I found the installation instructions for Mac users a little hard to find, I thought I'd share my experiences with you. I hope other Mac-using 7D-owners will appreciate my summary. Here we go...

Installing ML on a 7D using a Mac

1. Preparation
a. Download a ready-made Mac-installation kit from here: (Thanks, DenJS!)
b. Unzip the file if it isn't already unzipped. You should now have a folder called 7D, containing the following files:

- booton.fir – patched firmware which will enable boot flag in your camera
- bootoff.fir – patched firmware which will disable boot flag
- 7D000203.FIR – original firmware 2.0.3
- MacBoot.class – java application wich help you make your CF card bootable
- run.command – shell script to run java app properly.
- To root CF card – a folder containing the ML-build.

2. Enable the bootflag in your camera:
a. Take an empty CF-card, put in in a card-reader connected to your Mac and copy the booton.fir-file to it.
b. Put the CF-card in your camera and turn the camera on.
c. Open the menu, go to the 3rd yellow tab with the wrench-icon and choose the last option: "Firmware version 2.0.3"
d. Choose "Update firmware" and wait a few seconds. The firmware-update-program will start and after a few seconds you'll return to a black screen.
e. Now turn off you camera and eject the CF-card.
f. Remove the booton.fir-file from the CF-card.
g. Re-install the 2.0.3-firmware: follow the same steps as before, now with the 7D000203.FIR-file.

3. Create a bootable MagicLantern-card:
a. Put the CF-card in the card-reader.
b. Start the MacBoot-program, by double-clicking on the run.command. Enter you password if asked.
c. In the MacBoot program, select the size of the CF-card which you inserted and press Reresh.
d. Select Make DSLR-bootable and press Prepare Card.
e. Now copy all files from the folder To root CF card to the root of the CF-card.
f. Insert the CF-card in your camera and power it on.
g. You should hear a beep, indicating that MagicLantern has booted. You're ready to go! Press the trashcan-button on your 7D to enter the ML-menu.

Not booting?
Please make sure you have copied the files from the To root CF card-folder. If you have a bootable card, but not the files in the root folder, the camera will "hang" until you remove the battery.

I did exactly, whatever mentioned in the first post. But, when I insert the CF Card, camera does'nt start/boot? I followed every step given, including copying all files. Is there something I am missing? And, also pls. let me know how can revert back, whatever I did.

This is log - when I runned 'run', debug enabled -

Suitable cards present: 2
scripts=false chdkboot=false chdk32boot=false dslrboot=true
Command 'diskutil unmountDisk disk4' = 'Unmount of all volumes on disk4 was successful'
   return code was 0
making DLSR-bootable - format=2
making FAT32 DSLR-bootable
Command 'printf "EOS_DEVELOP" | dd bs=1 count=11 seek=0x47 conv=notrunc of=/dev/disk4s1' = '
11+0 records in
11+0 records out
11 bytes transferred in 0.000793 secs (13872 bytes/sec)'
   return code was 0
Command 'printf "BOOTDISK" | dd bs=1 count=8 seek=0x5C conv=notrunc of=/dev/disk4s1' = '
8+0 records in
8+0 records out
8 bytes transferred in 0.000686 secs (11663 bytes/sec)'
   return code was 0
Command 'diskutil mountDisk disk4' = 'Volume(s) mounted successfully'
   return code was 0

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