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Hardware and Accessories / Sub-$200 128GB CompactFlash Memory Cards
« on: January 14, 2014, 04:46:13 AM »
Has anyone used the following 128GB CompactFlash Memory Cards from RiData/RiTek? My sole experience with this brand is with their blank CDs and DVDs.

I learned about these really "low" cost memory cards from another forum when I asked about 128GB CF cards selling for under $200.

On the forum I was linked to this site

Not buying from them as it means import duties charges if I ship em to where I am currently at and I have found the local distributor. benchmarked the RiData 600x cards performing within a permissible range. I would assume the 1000x, 800x and 400x will be as consistent, hopefully.


- Not associated with RiData, RiTek or their resellers
- Just want to get end-user feedback for this sub-$200 128GB CompactFlash memory card from actual owners.
- Yes, I know the maxim of not "putting all your eggs in one basket". Same was said back in 2003 when 128MB (Megabyte) memory cards were $100 and 1GB cards were $1,000.
- Not spamming forums. I just want end-user feedback. There are no reviews on RiData's 400x, 800x or 1000x lines of CompactFlash memory cards.

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