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General Chat / Canon 70D Err 80 Brick
« on: February 16, 2018, 06:47:18 AM »
So I'm a long time user of the 70D and Magic Lantern on it since the early alphas...but tonight while playing with my camera and a new video rig setup (physical), my 70D err 80'd and locked up with what I thought in the moment was a low battery warning so I swapped out to another LP-E6N I had charging and the camera now won't respond or boot.  I have tried all the troubleshooting options and possibilities for soft-bricking related issues to micro-SD adapters, Magic Lantern issues, multiple different batteries, different lenses, booting in every mode, nothing displays anything on the camera or gets a single flash out of its busy light.  I'm highly suspicious of this being the Mainboard death issue I've now heard about in my search online of the symptoms which seems a common problem relatively on the 70D, and will try to reach out to some personal contacts at Canon Canada to see what I can have done...but suspect I will get the same run around on the issue as everyone outside of Brazil.  As someone who has done a lot of camera repair work myself, I am more than comfortable replacing the mainboard in the camera but would need the software to properly initialize it that outside of Canon SPT makes (  I am wondering if anyone here owns this software because, from my research, the part and this software will cost me the same as doing the repair myself and very sadly, the software is HIGHLY model specific.

This could, unfortunately, push me out of Canon completely if I'm right...

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