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Also I doubt it's possible but if we could use half clicks somehow we could achieve even less hiss while using the cameras pre Amps
The thing is why would anyone want to use the max analog gain when the in camera pre amps are so bad? I usually use a zoom h1 going into the t4i at around 60 or 50 depending on the mic im using and I set the gain to 1 step so i get as little hiss as possible, I like how with the integrated ml control the meters are accurate right from turn on so I'd like to be able to use them but the 3x step Is what would be stopping me
Oh ok I'll do some testssoon and try and find out the best settings and maybe compare between canons levels
Ok I may be a bit confused is analog gain the same as the canon meter system? I always set my canon menu to 1 step from zero dose this mean I set analog gain to 1? I see the max analog gain is 21 but there are far more steps then 21 in the canon menu
Mk11174 that link was def worth reading! Your module works on the 650d and also fixes the issue with having to go to canon menus before seeing the right meters! I set my gain to 1 step in ML  wich Is what i have in the canon menus and when I turn my cam off and on the meters still show the correct meters without having to open canon menus or record a small clip this is great!
Hey everyone I was wondering if anything has been changed with the whole bitrate hack? I can easily record x3.0 bitrate WITH sound 1920x1080 24fps onto a sandisk extreme 80mbps card with no problems with playback on camera and no buffer fill up dose anyone else shoot with higher bitrates? Does it effect anything or is it still one of the ML features that hasn't quite been figured out yet?
I already said my thanks but I've been using the anamorphic preview a lot lately and I just really want to thank the devs for bringing it to the 650d wow I wasn't using my anamorpihic because it was a pain to focus with the stretch but I am filming nothing but anamorphic now and I'm in love! Thanks so much!
Quote from: edge11 on April 02, 2014, 07:51:36 AM
Tonights nighly
(2014-04-01 17:55:12 -0700)
doesn't load for me, any one having the same problem?

Mine installed and everything is working just fine
Raw Video / Re: 650D/T4i Raw Video
April 02, 2014, 07:58:49 AM
So is there a difference between mlv and raw rec? I know raw dosent record audio but are the workflows different? Is one easier? Can anyone point me in the right direction to where I can find an up to date workflow for raw post?
Meters came out on the 30th nightly
Quote from: Pash0k on March 25, 2014, 10:52:55 AM
Anybody can make a video review of the latest version of ML? Audiometer is already displayed video-mode?  Thanks

I helped mk11174 test the audio meters so he could bring them to the 650d nightlys but they aren't "stable" so now he just updates his download page whenever soemthing he thinks worth having comes out. I can make a video explaining what you have to do to get meters on your 650d to work properly. I use them all the time and I've never had a problem, once you get the hang of it it becomes second nature. I'll try and have the video up by this weekend for you
Quote from: nanomad on March 22, 2014, 11:17:05 AM
New features starting from the next build:
- Defishing and Anamorphic preview
- Expsure Sim control in LV/Photo mode

Loving the anamorphic live view thanks so much for giving it to the 650d I've been wanting it ever since you guys put it out for the 5dmrkIII! If anyone is looking for the new build with mk11174 audiometers he updates pretty much everytime anything worth having is put into the nightlys here's his download page big thanks to everyone working hard to make the 650d a better tool for filmmakin. Now the exposure sim what exactly does that do? I can't seem to toggle it on and off it's just stuck in "movie"
Quote from: EstChris on February 11, 2014, 04:03:49 PM
Quick question - are the audio meters implemented in recent builds? Or do we have to use mk11174 builds, if we want audio? :P
theyre only in the mk11174 builds
I've read around and I see that in 2012 the 5d got a display tweak for live view anamorphic squeez, that would be a tremendous help! Why hasn't anyone brought that over to any apsc cameras? Or have they? Unless its impossible it makes no sence to not do it seeing as how crop sensors are much better to film on when it comes to anamorphic because of the shorter focal lengths we can get that the ff can't because of vignetting. Please someone tell me this can happen? Or tell me it's not possible on the 650d and I'll shut up I don't want to troll I'm just curious as to why we don't have this feature if it's just a live view tweak
Hey I don't know if it's possible at all but I just picked up an anamorphic lens and I'm wondering if we can somehow change aspect ratio without filming raw? I just don't want to have to add pdr to my post work right now and being able to change filming ratio would make squeezing in post alot easier
What I did was set my menu button to open up the my menu tab where I have the audio settings saved there so I just quickly press the menu button click sound recording and press half shutter and the meters are showing true it takes me like half second to do now and it's second nature in no time.
Ok same problem i don't know if this worked before but now if I record before checking canon meters the meters go back to true while and after recording but on start up the meters are still high
Yeah it's the same problem also I don't know if anyones said this but this and the last test both meters are not only too high but when you go from external to internal/ internal to external the meters only show what you last used I dont know if that makes sence but let's say I'm using a zoom h1 plugged in the meters show about 20-24 then I unplug and am now using the on camera audio but my gain is set way low I shouldn't still be seeing 20-24 but I am.
Ok meters work perfect While/while not recording no more chipmunk audio. Meters still work after playback but once i turn my camera off and on meters go crazy until I check canon meters then they go back to true.
Yeah the in camera canon meters only the left meter is correct the right is always on high peak and sent move at all, the force stop was not done by me the screen showed this little white rectangle on the right side of the screen and then the camera said the recording had been stopped I was not using mlv rec it was just regular video
Quote from: mk11174 on January 29, 2014, 03:00:05 PM
If anyone wants to help debug the audio fulltime issue with high levels, you can download this

Inside are 4 debug versions, I would need you to test the meters to see if they work all the time of coarse, not just during recording, and you will need to make sure the levels look normal and also, important! You need to record a regular MOV then play it back on cam, check to see if the audio plays back like chimpmunks, video will be fine, just audio may be strange. Also, I would need you to find out if meters still work after a playback of the MOV.

Since I don't have cam, this is the best I can do to try to narrow the quick fix down on my end.

It is same procedure I went through finding best way for 700d to give perfect results. You cam is slightly different obviously.
ok the first two gave me no audio at all and all of the builds gave me only left meter on the in camera meters but the ml meters were all true on all builds except the first two. I did the chipmunk test and as I said the first two builds gave no audio, but the rest gave me chipmunk audio as well as a forced stop on all recordings. I did all tests with all modules on and off so idk if that helps any.
Anyway I can get the latest nightlys but keep the original audio meters from mk11174?
Ok I don't really understand how any of this works but if mk11174 can bring in audio meters from the 700d to the t4i cant we just bring them from the t3i build and have a much more stable build? Again I could be completely wrong and it could be impossible I really have no idea it's just a thought
Quote from: mepizani on January 27, 2014, 02:01:06 AM

I am new around here. I have read a lot of the benefits that ML brings to its users, until I found that there was a version that could be used in the Rebel T4i, so I decided to give it a shot and find out how it works on mi camera. The result is that I busted my SD card 

I did everything you recommended to do:
•   I up dated the firmware to 1.0.4
•   I did a low level format to the SD card

Then I dounloaded the EOScard from the website: but didn't work, I started to look for another software that make the SD card bootable, so I googled it an found this

After viewing that video I downloaded the WIN32 DiskImager and I also had to download the 2014-01-07-wheezy-raspbian that was needed to make the SD card bootable.

I used my SanDisk Ultra 64GB (SDXC I) to make it bootable and to upload the ML the result was the following:

I could upload the ML (magiclantern-v2.3.NEXT.2013Aug03.650D104), it even run perfectly. But the SDcard memory got shorten; it now says that its capacity  is about 56MB; I formatted it, I lost what I did when uploading ML; and the SDcard it is now 56MB of memory free (I can take up to 6 pictures).

I got worried about the camera, and checked it, and everything seems to work perfectly, but the SD card is busted.

MY question:

-   What did I do wrong?
-   Was it wrong to use de WIN32 DisImager?
-   Have I just lost my SDcard forever? Or can I fix it and make it 64GB again?
-   If it's definitely broken, what SD card can you recommend?
-   If I did any step wrong, could you teach me how make it right?
well first off ml tells everyone not to do a first time load with anything bigger than 32 thats why eoscard didn't work properly
I've been using the Same build you put on here when you first brought up the audio meters they're completely stable for me and the whole metering only while recording Is not a problem at all because you can just level in the canon menu and then meter while recording and adjust on your field recorder if needed