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i have try to activate dual iso then new start. but i think my camera is not ready tor this, i din ´t found booton.bsdiff
but i found another..i have make the firmware.fir  but the system told me the firmare is older ...
i have input the D7_203.fir, then the camera start and tell me the dual iso is not load...
 :( i will be read again all the comment i think here is the solution..
than you merci
and happy new year 2014

server again online

now is running well  ;D :-* :) ;D ;D ;D ;D

thank i have now make it, the 7D is booted , then i check for the dual iso, i make it on but dind found where is it  :) ich check tomorrow.. no i go to the bed .-) thank of lot !

now i have the good firmware but  the eoscard 1.38 but stay in checking ports in progress...

i have found the right adresse to download the firmware  ;) :) :) :) Thankssss

Hello ,
i am new here, i can´t found and download the firmware 7D firmware v1.1.0 to make the modification for my canon 7D, it is possible to send me a firmware.fir allready modify. ot to send me the 7D firmware v1.1.0. :-)
Thank of lot.
i am french.

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