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I've been having reasonably good luck with the 32GB Transcend 1000x, was going to try out a KB card but the Transcend was on sale at B&H for $85 with a free reader so I went for it. The reader is the Transcend USB3 one, which is UDMA-7 compliant. So far I've been able to capture at 1728x972 (on a 7D, of course) continuously, with Global Draw off. The Warm Up card option seems to help as well. I hear a lot of debate about the KB vs the Lexars, but not many people talking about these cards. Probably because they're terrible and I've made a huge mistake, but I'll live with it.
Tragic Lantern / Re: 7D Raw Thread
December 29, 2013, 09:32:04 PM
Oh, as a small follow-up to my experience with that Transcend 32gb 1000x - after processing the images, I found that a lot of early shots had a number of pink frames that made the shots pretty unusable. After I had been shooting continuously with the card for a while longer, it did seem to warm up and later shots had almost no corrupted frames. So I might try that "Warm Up" card option or whatever it's called. Could be what was going on here. (Also, I should note that I haven't tried any of the tricks some people have found for increased frames, like turning Global Draw off or shooting 5x magnified. I literally got the card in the mail from B&H the day of my cousin's wedding and decided to be crazy and flash it right away with the nightly build of ML. Still performed pretty well, everything stock out of the box.)
Tragic Lantern / Re: 7D Raw Thread
December 29, 2013, 09:40:37 AM
Thoma, I actually have the same 32gb Transcend card. I've been using the nightly core Magic Lantern 7D build over the last few weeks without issue.

I've been able to get continuous recording with the Transcend at full horizontal resolution, but I've actually been shooting 2.35:1. I like the look of it and saving those pixels cropped out of the 16:9 frame seems to really help push down the bitrate to something the Transcend can handle. I've tried some full 16:9 captures, but for the most part they error out pretty quickly. No such problem at 2.35:1, I was actually out at a wedding today and filled the whole 32gb card without a problem. And I believe that was on the nightly December 26th build.